Alexis Sánchez




FA Cup semi final recently and many other games I could make an example of.


I don’t agree he won the SF ‘on his own’

was a good team performance I thought, plenty contributed

The point is though, there are other high quality players who could do the same

We would not be trying to replace a Ronaldo, Messi, Suarez, Bale, Neymar type player


I think the issue is with you saying he won it “on his own”. It wasn’t a virtuoso performance, he didn’t create a goal for himself or score a great goal. He just scored. It was a very important goal but it was scrappy and he didn’t play that amazingly.

That match was a team effort. He scored the winner and that’s great but the way you put it apportions too much credit to him when it belongs to the team.


Anyone won on his own, neither Maradona or Micheal Jordan.


Nah BS

Maradona won the Italian title for Napoli completely on his own

I mean without him they would not have won


But an average performance with end product is much better than a great performance with nothing. It was a key goal which settled the nerve in the game, we wouldn’t be in the final now without it.


he didn’t win the game on his own though


I don’t disagree with any of this, but that doesn’t mean that saying he “won it on his own” is appropriate. That phrasing is just a bit over the top in this instance, but otherwise I don’t disagree with your actual point so no point in going over it much more than we have already.


Did Ramsey and RVP not have a bust up at the end of the 1-nil United victory a while back? I can’t remember if that was when RVP was close to leaving but I remember him being irate at Ramsey for being a useless prick.

I get your point though but it’s funny you say that because that’s all I could think about today when Alexis was throwing his hissy. Ramsey single-handedly making all our best players head for the door with his ineptitude.


He 'ad the 'ump today. Especially when Ramsey didn’t square it to him

Serves me right for making him triple captain this week, I suppose :frowning:


My only point is:

he isn’t a ‘keep at all costs’ player

In the current financial position we should be able to replace him, or even improve on him,
were he to be sold for massive money.

I keep hearing lots of moaning that he might leave. So what? Players move around, there’s nothing to fear


Napoli won the title thanks to the fantastic player as Maradona, but is like to say which we won the last PL title thanks to Henry when behind him there were Patrick Vieira, Gilberto Silva, Sol Campbell, Ashley Cole, Jens Lehmann.

Napoli won the second title and the Uefa Cup with Maradona and behind him the fantastic brazilian striker Careca, another fantastic brazilian Alemao, a very good midfielder as Salvatore Bagni, a young but very promising Ciro Ferrara etc…


He is one of the best in the world playing in a poorer side.


Ha forgot about that, my first thought was Henry’s one from back in the day.



In our situation how is he anything other than that? How are you so convinced we’re even capable of replacing Sanchez with a like-for-like replacement? Our pulling power is absolute trash compared to our competition right now.

He’s not a perfect footballer but it’s extremely important for him and Özil to still be here next season.


He’s been piss-poor for ages now.


That part in bold just isnt true.


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