Alexis Sánchez


Is he actually considered a pikey in Spain?

I did laugh at the Alexis incident. Thought Fuchs was a twat for it though and deserved a yellow. Surely there isn’t a rule against blocking the throw in?


Yes. If pikey is pikey then Ramos is pikey.


you’re a funny guy ill give you that. he learnt this in barcellona…

Ive said it many times ive criticised my favourite players (like pippo) for diving but to say Italians are worse when you’ve got the two biggest teams in la liga doing this shit constantly is fucking funny and deluded.


Yeah, the two biggest teams in la liga, and in the world…wonder why people might then exaggerate and make silly claims off of that, given that they receive an inordinate amount of focus and media attention?

What’s funny and deluded is a guy who’s into Italian football and proud of his Italian roots, who has a weird stick up his ass about Spain and Barça for some reason, not realising that diving and gamesmanship were practically invented in Italy, and also not realising that the most guilty of this type of behaviour at Barça have typically been south americans, as it is now (Suárez and Neymar). If you really think Alexis learnt that behaviour in Barcelona you’re funny.


Clearly tongue in cheek comments regarding where he learned it, but absolutely no way in hell are Italians worse than the spanish for this kind of gamesmanship. I’m not whatsoever suggesting in italy we haven’t done this kind of thing regularly, but to the degree I still see it in Spain in the modern game? Not a chance.

“stick up his ass about spain and barca”

How dare I dislike teams for cheating against teams I like.


He did have a below par game but he was a whisker away from scoring another stunner. That’s class right there. Even when he is poor, he can turn the game.



A good man. The very attitude that’s essential from EVERY SINGLE ONE of them.


So he’s leaving. And staying. And loves the team. And hates the team.


[quote=“Craigie, post:2398, topic:98, full:true”]
So he’s leaving. And staying. And loves the team. And hates the team.
[/quote]All I know is, my gut says maybe.


He has been so poor lately. In stages the worst on the pitch. His head’s definitely gone a bit.


This guy has a lot of mood swings in terms of staying and leaving.


A good or bad game, a good or bad reaction will not change his destiny. Nasri has played one of his best games with us when he was just sold to City (Arsenal v Liverpool).

Alexis will leave, it’s clear.


I didn’t really like the shit fit he threw when Ramsey tried to cut back to Welbeck instead of him. I know he gets frustrated playing with players below his level but he could at least show a bit more professionalism, chewing out his teammates so often isn’t a good look imo.

Van Persie was a cunt and went to Man U but he kept it professional and fucking gave it everything whilst the season was still going, never letting his dissatisfaction become clear on the pitch. That’s what I expect if you’re a top player who wants to leave the club, keep it professional and do your fucking job until the season is over.

I’ve not turned on Sanchez, I obviously want him to stay, he’s just gone down in my estimations a little bit lately from the pedestal I’d put him on.


In the first half he virtually gave the ball away every time he got it

£55 million for him? rip their arms off


Yeah love Alexis but bar the FA CUP semi goal he’s been poor for a good while.


if he really was the level of player people claim we wouldn’t be losing from 1-0 up against Everton, or getting beat by Watford, Palace, WBA

he’s a quality player but he’s no Henry, Bergkamp or whatever

After Bendtner, Chamakh and others it was great to get a very good player
but he isn’t a 35 goal season ‘win games on his own’ guy

so we shouldn’t be upset if he goes - as long as we bring in some top quality


He’s scored 24 and won us that FA Cup semi final on his own, that’s definitely good enough. Expecting 35 goals is unrealistic.


I didn’t say I expect it

I said, he isn’t in that class so we shouldn’t be scared to move him on for the right money

as long as we then go and recruit a similar, or hopefully even better, player with the money raised


What did he win on his own?