Alexis Sánchez


Happy Sanchez!! Definitely staying!

:pray: ?


Guess he has promised him we are getting the whole MSN :mustafi:


Alexis Sanchez has scored more away goals in the Premier League this season than any other player (13).
Only Emmanuel Adebayor (14 in 2007-08) has scored more away goals in a single Premier League campaign for Arsenal than Sanchez this season.




Stunning free kick.


WTF is that bald cunt on the right doing!? Is he trying to take it off the kid? :sanchez2:


The kid should nick his wristwatch.


In the vid he’s hugging the kid, probably the kids dad. That or a some sort of predator.


Let’s hope he and the shirt made it home safe :sweat_smile:


Unfortunately you do see adults fighting over shirts when they’re thrown in the crowd (losers) but I’ve yet to see an adult steal one from a kid


Yeah, you really can’t deduce anything from that photo. Great photo though.


He is jealous that kid he is getting Alexis shirt instead of him.












Am I the only one seeing something deeply wrong here?


What is Sanchez doing to Xhaka? :flushed:

Hopefully his next Instagram post will be him sitting at a table with a pen in his hand.


Deeply wrong?