Alexis Sánchez


I’m sure he would like to complete his contract with us.
It would mean he is a free agent and would earn a fortune from a signing on fee he would get from another club.

The words “winning mentality” means he isn’t interested in staying here, especially after some of his rather petulant outbursts against his team mates recently.

He is just another in an increasingly long line of disillusioned players that want a club with top players, a top manager and ambition.

As a club we have proved, yet again, we aren’t going to keep our best players with just the fourth place trophy.


Why are chileans so cuntish towards Arsenal? They do really hate us!


I think he’s essentially saying he likes London and he’ll stay at Arsenal if we match his ambition otherwise he’ll happily see out his contract and travel right over to Chelsea and sign there.


Or spurs :wink:


You know what, I like the idea that he can see himself in a Chelsea shirt, and has issued what can be taken as a challenge to our ambition. Nothing wrong with that, he’s not an Arsenal supporter, merely an employee

I want to see if our board has the balls to sell our best player to Chelsea


I think it’s grossly unprofessional if I’m honest and I can’t quite understand why his lack of professionalism and petulance is always construed as ambition and desire.

If he does want to leave to join Chelsea there’s absolutely no need to be vocal about it. This challenge he’s seemingly issuing to our board is something that could be issued to them without using the press.


Sánchez has a professional attitude that I both respect and hate at the same time.


To be fair to Alexis, despite some reports, he never said he wanted to stay in London. He said he wants to stay in “a city” not “the city.”

“I’d like to stay in a city for a long time, in a team that is a winner, with winning mentality." It could be any city, it doesn’t hint at moving to Chelsea.


Just human nature IMO, in the modern world this guy can give an interview to his local newspaper in Tocopilla and within minutes it’s being paraphrased usually without question by thousands of gullible Twitter users in Europe


Lol! Such a downgrade on his career :mustafi:


I agree.
Our board have a few options.
They can sell him to Chelsea
They can let him finish his contract and let him go to Chelsea for no fee.
They can give him what he wants, which is presumably better players to play with, and more money.
Or sell him to another club, preferably in Europe.

Like you say, if it makes our board sit up and realise that doing the bare minimum, or less in the transfer market, means we lose our best players every season, then we might see both Sanchez and Ozil stay.

Personally I think he will leave and go to another top European club, while we can still get some money for him.
I also think he won’t be replaced adequately.




Stick him in the stiffs for a season…


call me crazy, but I think he’ll re-sign with us…


I think we’re at the stage where anything he says is going to be misconstrued and turned into paper fodder.

I didn’t get him flirting with Chelsea at all from those comments.


there was nothing wrong with what he said tbh.


The only way he would sign a new contract with us, is if we get a top four place, and no other top European club was interested, neither of which is going to happen.

I think Ozil might stay but Sanchez looks like a player that already has his mind set for bigger things.


If not having to look at his shitty dogs anymore means him moving to Chelsea then I’m all for it.


Oh yes, it’s going to be great when we can stop pretending to care about his dogs and start calling him Mr dog weirdo like the mature adults we are


Wondering what “good boys” actually mean on the banner.
His two dogs only? Or included Sanchez??