Alexis Sánchez


I believe Conte will turn Hazard into a real world beater.

I think Hazard-Costa-Sanchez trio is better because they are all in their primes… maybe Hazard hasn’t reached his yet.
A better coach, better training and better philosophy, Sanchez can turn into a team player.

Too many mileage for Ronald and Benzema all these years, and they have pasted their best already. Bale, I never considered him a WC.


Havent seen much of Bale lately, has he dropped off a bit then?


Probably @AbouCuellar can answer that question…
I only watched a couple of Real games this season… he is absolutely not as good as he once was. Sign of deteriorating for me.


@AbouCuellar wake up you hippy.


Arsenal tactic to mention about Chelsea’s interest, it’s so the fans will be happy when we sell him to Bayern or Juventus and they forget about the bigger picture which is we have just lost Alexis fucking Sanchez.


It is loser mentality wherever we sell Sanchez.


We will be forever like this until that arrogant prat wenger fucks off…so tired of him now, bet you any money though he is here for at least another 2 years now


I’d have to look at statistics and for an ape looking Real Madrid player I can’t really be bothered but I’m pretty sure he’s pretty much the same, just had his season very interrupted by injuries.


My Chelsea mate (cunt*) just sent me this. Can anyone verify?


Just checked on twitter; he’s seemingly said that he would like to finish his contract with arsenal, and that would like to continue playing in London with a team that has a winning mentality.

Definitely not extending his contract then if that’s his criteria lol.

Edit: I’ve just checked the source, and it was an interview he gave to El Grafico in Chile.


His words have been taken out of context and slightly misquoted.

Do not worry. :slight_smile:


It’s probably more him trying to wake the team/manager/board up a bit. No doubt he’ll want to see us match his ambition this summer.


"Estoy contento en Londres, espero terminar mi contrato en @Arsenal "

“Quiero mantenerme en un equipo ganador y estar en la misma ciudad”

The two quotes^ @TheSpecialCnut translation?


“I’m happy in London, hope to finish/complete my contract with Arsenal”

The actual El Gráfico quote is “Me gusta mantenerme en una ciudad y en un equipo, pero en un equipo que sea ganador, que tenga mentalidad ganadora“

Translation: “I like staying in a city and in a team but in a winning team, that has a winning mentality”


to me that says, likes it here, but needs to see more from arsenal if he is to stay.

These quotes are always over analysed anyhow.


Eehhh that’s​ grasping at straws to be honest.


its all straw grasping at this stage. :smile:


It’s a massive warning shot to the club. He’s pretty much outlining a worst case scenario and saying he’ll consider it.


He’s off its just a matter of which destination, he’s not going to sign and we know Arsenal won’t risk losing him for free.


This club better stop being useless cunts and get him signed up pronto.

If he joins another PL club this is on our clown of a magager and our ridiculous board. No hate going Alexis way.

We are the most embarrassing “big” club in the world. Everyone laughs at us.