Alexandre Lacazette (9)


What flaws?

His touch isn’t the greatest but it has improved in recent seasons he can finish with either foot, good in the air and is quick also. As I mentioned earlier he can link up the play very well and has been top three if not #1 for chances created among all the strikers in the league for the last few seasons.

All but one of the goals he scored last season were from open play and he ended the season with 25, give credit where it’s due.

He isn’t a donkey at all tbh.





He’ll excel anyway.


@Midfield_Maestro your friend is going to win that money


It will be a close race but Lukakus ceiling is higher. Lukaku could get 30 I think Lacazettes ceiling is 23-25. Arsenal factor.


Lacazette’s number is confirmed :grimacing:


What a shame for us. Waste of 50mill now really.


Perez gone?


Get in! we havn’t had a proper 9 since Eduardo.[quote=“Bl1nk, post:150, topic:1589, full:true”]
Perez gone?

Nah not yet he’s moved to #28.


Perez :santi:


@Calum is indignant.


Gotta feel for those 3 hipsters that got Perez 9 on their new shirt.


I still hold onto my 1999 SEGA Suker away kit with pride.


We’re really going to curse him with the No.9? :slight_smile:


Imagine Joel Campbell on the right and Perez up front. Calum’s dream Fifa team for arsenal right there.


Mourinho on @Arsenal new signing Alexandre Lacazette: “no stamina, no physical impact and is not a big-game player.”

Not sure on the validity of these comments as was sent in a whatsapp chat, but wouldnt surpise me.


Sure he wasn’t talking about Pogba? :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m seeing that quote in several articles but it appears to be a summary of what the scouting report was, not seeing any evidence that Mourinho said that himself. I know he’ll happily have a go at Wenger and Arsenal at any opportunity but saying the above publicly about a player he has no relation to would be a bit strong even for him lol


Let’s hope the curse of #9 doesn’t reappear!


Ah, fair enough then.

Still a cunt though :grin: