Alexandre Lacazette (9)


He’s either going to frag out or become an elite player for us. Not yet sure which it will be though.


Why shouldn’t he play?


Seems like le Coq had a big helping hand with getting Lacazette coming to Arsenal, who wouldda thunk it?


He’s gonna be 1337 :laca:


Kylian has liked Alex’s post about joining The Arsenal. JOIN US :giroud3:


Perhaps they have beef with one another and Mbappe is just happy to see Lacazette leave Ligue 1 :grin:


Are you sure? Something might be going on be behind the scenes :giroud3: :santi2:


welcome to Arsenal Lacazette, hope to see him banging in the goals next season for us


honestly It’s hard to be hyped about signings until Sanchez’s future has been sorted out, I honestly 100% think Ozil will stay



Besides a more lethal finisher, you know what’s great about this signing?

It was done BEFORE the season. Maybe, just maybe, we’ll start a season not spotting rivals points and in a weakened state.

Get biz done prior to that first game. Let Laca build up a rapport with Ozil.

Whoever else is signed, leaving, etc…just get it done before the season. No more deadline day dashes please.


Bet my United supporting mate 50 quid that Laca will outscore Lukaku (Prem), next season. Dont let me down boy.


Hey, you stole my bet! :joy: Enjoy your £50


I think it’s a pretty ballsy bet when Lukaku has been adding goals to his tally every single season for the last 5 seasons :joy:

Especially when you consider, as much as I appreciate Lacazette, the fact that he scored 10 penalties last season and we only managed to get half that number as a team haha


Agree with Cristo here, Lukaku moving to United doesn’t scare me, in fact I’m glad they’ve blown a substantial amount of their kitty on a donkey but he will score goals.

The problem for United will lie more-so in the fact that he’s entirely one dimensional and will destroy any free flowing football they try to play. He’s much like the CF forward version of Theo in that regard.


Perfect for José.


His penalty record makes me assume that he’s a master of diving in the box, so he might win us some more :henry2:


I know you don’t like Lukaku lol but he’s more than that tbh, creates chances and links up the play very well.

I think he’ll do very well at United, Jose loves that type of forward.


I think Lukaku is underrated by quite a few supporters.
He was wanted by Chelsea and Man U and has been one of the most effective strikers in the PL in the last couple of seasons, in an Everton team not exactly stacked with top quality midfielders.

Mourinho will get the best out of him and he will be one of the top scorers in the PL.
He is the replacement for Ibrahimovic and is considerably younger than most strikers of any of the top clubs.
I think he would have done a good job for us, but Lacazette is still a good signing.


Lukaku is over rated if anything. Most people look at his goal tally and think he’s some kind of elite striker but when you sit down and watch Everton on a semi-regular basis you can see that he isn’t all that.

I guarantee you that all the Arsenal fans that were clamoring for his signature barely watched him play, otherwise they would see not only how much of a liability he can be in big games but would notice how many glaring flaws there are in his overall game.