Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Fair fucking play for getting this done early. It should be the normal far more often for us but I’ll happily praise them for doing things properly here.


Think he is going to be phenomenal for us.


Any guesses which squad number he’ll get?


#14 :pray: :pray::pray:


#Number 7.



Hopefully he proves to be the top quality centre forward that we need, I’m not as high on him as some but he does improve our squad provided we hold onto our other key players.


Please, just get lost :xhaka:


Number 9 for me.

A few more thoughts on his announcement today in my blog here


Out of curiosity, what more should/could he do to connivance you he’s preparing for the title?



Laca 9
Ozil 10
Alexis 7
Mahrez 11



Who’s gonna be behind them?

You know, midfielders and what not


To afford Alexis new contract we are now having to rely on an OA select to fill the other positions.


I’m with you in a way, Ocke. My attention is on the futures of our 2 superstars and if this signing is one to complement them to push on for the title or one to appease the fans when Alexis leaves.

If Alexis does leave I hope Wenger makes a play for a couple of quality wingers and a creative CM. Improve multiple areas if possible to make up for the huge loss of talent (with his goals and assists). And again if he does leave, hurry the bloody hell up about it.


Tweets is on 1337, a sign? :thinking:


If ever the phrase clutching at straws was more appropriate… :eyes:


Olly? :giroud3:


Hope he plays a part in our first pre-season game, can’t wait.