Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Going to take back my negativity on this one, seeing him in the red and white really makes me look forward to the new season.

Anythings better than having to watch another season of Giroud fluff chances.


We’ll forget about Mbappe once this guy bangs in 20+ in his first season


Thank you FIFA and the corrupt chorizo boys in Madrid for making this a possibility.





Blimey, this thread has exploded into life today, I wonder why :cristo:

Thank god it’s done and dusted. Welcome Lacazette! :laca:



Holy shit!! Wenger & Co must really be feeling the heat!! Great addition. We’ve needed a proper goal scorer for ages!



All it takes is fifth place and your two world class players to not sign a new contract and Bingo, we get a top quality striker.

A couple more of this quality and we can start thinking about getting back in the CL again.



What a very good english! :laca: da boss!


Apart from the last part where he makes himself sound like a giant. :wink:


Thank fuck I wasn’t the only that noticed this. Was gonna drive me nuts.


Good graphic


This signing went very quickly rather than leaving it to the last minute, seems like things are changing :astonished: Great signing, Mahrez next and we are title challengers.


Where’s Giroud?


Not black enough


Maybe it’s just the let downs of previous seasons, but I don’t feel over hyped about this signing. Believe me I want to feel hyped though! And I hope he will do great for us. But I have a “meh” feeling right now. I’m hoping that this will change once the season starts, but I can’t believe it took dropping out of the top 4 to wake Wenger up. Just feels so unnecessary. I think Wenger is buying and building for top 4, doing just enough to get us there. Well f*ck that I want us to challenge for the league title again, that’s most important imho.
Anyhow, welcome Laca! I hope you do well and have a prosperous time at The Arsenal!


We need to sign Griezzy as well now :wink: