Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Just transfer this away and he is gonna be the signing of the season :wink:


Im very annoyed with him. Such a limited player. Doesn’t get into good positions to score, has taken some terrible first touches in and around the box, he’s not very fast, zero aerial ability. How the fuck did we get fleeced into paying 50m for this guy? Penazette was such a correct evaluation of this guy a shame we have nobody that can penetrate and win penalties ffs.

Imo Alexis should go back up top. He can finish he’s got a decent amount of aerial ability, and he can be more wasteful playing as a CF. Iwobi should play on the left and Laca needs to be dropped.


He is player who needs assists. If the others don’t pass the ball to him he is not his fault.


Part of being a good striker is making good runs and making it difficult to defend you, Laca is clueless, he provides no threat whatsoever.


There’s a seriously good CF there but he does miss some glorious chances. Crunch moments where he fumbles it.


We could have a Suarez or Aubemayang level of striker i.e a real killer

Instead we got this guy who is just ‘OK’

you get what you pay for



His issue is number of chances imo. I bet he has by far a lower shot output then any other top attacking player.


Number of chances is low because he’s not good. I saw a stat the other day about the number of chances we create and only city have created more, we aren’t finishing said chances but they are there. Ramsey is through on goal more often than Laca because he knows how to make a fucking run towards goal. Ramsey still shit but that’s one area he excels in.


Well yeah I’m saying he dosnt have enough chances/shoot enough I think is who he is as a player.

Shots per 90:
Kane - 5.96
Salah - 4.33
Aguero - 3.97
Moratta - 3.59
Jesus - 3.52
Lukaku - 3.4
Lacazette - 2.97

Even last year for Lyon he only averaged 3.16. Hard to get “elite” levels of goalscoring if your shooting so little.


Gotcha, yeah I’ve been saying that and the rebutal has been he doesn’t get service, didn’t realize you were agreeing with me lol. Yeah I mean I’m not surprised by those stats, he hardly ever gets into position to score, when he does he usually finishes but his chances are few and far between.

I think Wenger is starting to see the poor play by Laca too, he had this to say after the match.


Even those figures are impressive. He’s netting with minimal shots on goal.


We shouldn’t have any problems only onto this bloke, " When I came here top 4 was always the aim, if we got the title fantastic"


He has about as much ambition as Wenger then.
He is a decent striker but was he worth waiting more than five seasons for and is he much better than Giroud?
It’s going to be even more difficult for him next season without Ozil and Sanchez so he might have to revise his top four ambitions and maybe just aim for a Europa League place.


Lacazette is a good player. But he doesn’t have big team mentality. He has I want to play with my friends mentality.


Actually I think it’s about time we had players from the real world. The aim of the top 4 clubs is to finish 1st. The aim of the next 6 clubs is to finish 4th. And the aim of the bottom 10 clubs is not finish 18th.

Non-CL clubs want to be CL clubs before they can think about being champions. Lacazette has clearly not been brought in as the missing piece for our title winning jigsaw, he’s a good striker brought in to get a few goals. For years we’d sign average players who “come here to win trophies” and it was getting to the point where we were all getting pissed off at the “we can still win the league!” players and the “we can beat Bayern!” players and the “we must fight for each other!” players. I doubt any of what they say has any bearing on their actual mentality but I hate seeing players talk about winning major trophies and then losing 8-2.


He’s in the perfect place lol


Still don’t think the team is set up to get the best out of him and all the substitutions don’t help either.

Wenger can no longer put a proper team together and it hurts the whole team from back to front.


We’re certainly not going to get the best out of him when he is on the wrong side of the athletics track!


I think a player that says they want to win the PL title and then lose 8-2 are probably more likely to come back from that stronger, but a player that is only here for challenging for for fourth place while collecting 100k a week, is likely to not let it bother him too much.

I prefer players like Sanchez who aren’t satisfied with the FA Cup and treats it as consolation trophy than a player that is content to drift along in a comfort zone with the occasional domestic cup or fourth place.

Winning teams have players that have a winning mentality and only the best will do, and it’s the same with managers like Ferguson, who even after they won would find fault in something.

There seems to be a culture at this club, from the owner to the manager and players, of doing the bare minimum while making a fortune doing it.