Alexandre Lacazette (9)


His movement is really clever at times, glad to see him rewarded for his work rate as well.


The king of the Emirates :laca:


It’s nice to have someone who doesn’t make you feel nervous when they step up for a penalty




Genuinely haven’t a clue what that tweet means…




Drug test. Footballers don’t get them very often.


He scores 2 so they’re on his back to get tested? Lol


Aye, cheers. But is there context there or something? Like has he been called shite or something.

Also, what’s with the toilet emoji?

So he’s actually getting tested there? Oh right. Got it. :joy:


Get with :muscle:t3::muscle:t3: The times man :robot::mask::mask: don’t you know everyone :tada::tada: uses irrelevant emojis with :field_hockey: Their posts these days


Can you not guess?


Looks a winner… cool customer who is both a fox in the box and an overall good footballer. Very happy with his start.


I actually thought it was some kind of meme that I didn’t get/hadn’t seen.


Doing very well so far

The nutmeg and then the double drag back later in the game showed a touch of silkyness I wasn’t sure he had, He’s definately an arsenal striker


just throwing a little bit of bait in the water

…but is he better than walcott?!! :thinking: :fishing_pole_and_fish:


He isnt even as good as KDB.


Hell yeah! Cmon Laca. When we got awarded that Pen I was like, oh no hope Sanchez doesn’t fuck this up. Then I remembered about Penazette! What a class peno that was too! Put me at ease when I saw him standing at the spot :heart_eyes:


Haven’t watched the game but am happy our main man is getting his goals. The fact that the likes of Morata, Jesus, Lukaku, Kane, Aguero are scoring freely, makes Lacazette’s scoring seem normal but it isn’t really. If you think about it, him and Morata have only just had a taste of the league and are already scoring like they have been here for a while. Just imagine how much better they will get once they have a few months under their belt.

Let’s just hope the manager has PROPER plans of replacing Ozil and Sanchez with PROPER quality next summer. Would hate for Lacazette to be stuck with mediocrity, at least not any more than he already is.


Are you finally liking him? :hipster:


Piss test.