Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Not easy to play against Chelsea’s defence, tbh. They are the best in the league.


Can’t put his glaring miss down to Chelsea’s good defence, a quality finisher should have put that away. Also Tottenham have the best defence in the league FWIW.


That miss doesn’t mean he isn’t still a quality finisher. Every forward ever has such a miss.


Not saying he isn’t a quality finisher, so I expect he’d be bitterly disappointed with himself for not tucking it away.


Think his lack of minutes/being subbed regularly means Wenger is ‘bedding’ him in. He’s not convinced by the looks of it. Doesn’t look comfortable yet but I reckon he’s not far off getting some form for goals. Need Xhamsey to meld more consistently to help him.


He didn’t miss that easy chance because it was Chelsea instead of Bournemouth.

He’s had two quality finishes already and played around 330 minutes.


His first ‘big game’ for us. He was marked well and dealt with by Chelsea’s robust defence to be fair to them. Also his chance was a half chance at best.

Our team as a whole didnt have a shot in the second half. The game felt like a stalemate.


I reckon labelling it only a half chance is being extremely generous to him, in my opinion it was clearly the best chance of the game.


I watched while flying and missed the last 20 minutes because wifi failed, but my impression of the one rebound chance in real time was that it would have been incredibly difficult to predict how it came at him and at an awkward height and angle. My first reaction is it would have been more luck had it gone in. Was there another chance or did I completely misread that one?


Nah that’s the one that I’m talking about and yes maybe it would have been difficult to read but from that distance with no keeper to beat I think you should be hitting the target.


You have to give Alex the benefit of the doubt IMO. As mentioned it was an awkward angle/height/spin whatever; had it been easy he would have put it away.


I’m not judging a player on 1 missed chance. Bergkamp didn’t score until his 7th game for us, Giroud didn’t score in his first 10 I think.


There was Pedro’s too. He actually had plenty of time and scope to decide how to go about finishing unlike Laca who barely had a chance to think and set himself.

I agree that half chance might be too generous, but some people are being a little harsh. The very best of strikers miss those sometimes.


You said he is struggling to have an impact against the better teams. But Chelsea’s defence is really good, the best in the league.


I think Tottenham have the best defence in the league but yeah I’d say that Chelsea’s is 2nd. @JakeyBoy I supppse different types of chances, both should have been scored, Laca didn’t have much time but no keeper to beat and close range, Pedro had plenty of time but the big Cech to get past.


That chance he had really wasn’t easy, thought it was pretty good that he got a shot off anyway as Luiz was right on him.

He himself didn’t have many chances, can’t really blame him for not burying the one decent-ish one he did have on his weaker foot.


Spotted his mouth. He got himself a mouth.


He scores again at the Emirates :smile:



Love him as our striker. Very good tonight. :heart_eyes: