Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Looking more like afternoon tea!


Taking so long as usual. It’s Arsenal!


There’s definitely a song for him, to the tune of Agadoo by Black Lace :slight_smile:



Arsenal on Instagram Live :eyes:




The only thing I could take away from that is who the fuck is referring to him as the new Henry.



Little Red Corvette is the obvious choice of song for Laccazette.

“Alexander Lacazette baby, you’re much too fast,
Alexander Lacazette we need a 9 that’s gonna last”




Why is the actual announcement even that big a deal anyway? It’s done and dusted we’ll all see the pics and interviews in due time. Why is the stock market situation important now after it’s already settled?


What’s to stop people selling their shares after market hours and then the stock gers rocked in the morning instead? Seems like they’re just reaching, people will just sell their shares tomorrow if they really want to.


The announcement matters because he’s not an arsenal player until we see that picture of him holding the kit with his name on it, regardless of how many tweets and reports there are.


Never understood dunces that do this anyway they are far too reactionary its like if you an Arsenal shareholder and you decide to sell if we lost Sanchez you never sell on a spot of negativity. Sell high not fucking low you idiots. If things are gonna effect shares negatively ride the waves until things settle down and gain traction again and sell at a profit not everyone panic and sell sell sell, you make a loss then absolute donkeys!


This is a wrap mate barring a total calamity with the medical, doesn’t it make more sense to have the announcements etc after the process and media stuff has been finalised instead of telling the world what they already know through most sources?


Should just be ‘Alex Lacazette’ because that is five syllables, just like the phrase ‘Little Red Corvette’. Scans better than the 7 syllables of ‘Alexander Lacazette’ imo


Edit: Why cant we upload videos anymore :frowning:


Ok adjust it however you like, I’m just thinking that prince song is taylor made for him :grin:


Yeah it’s the best suggestion I’ve heard so far, his name fits perfectly



Jesus you posted that fast!