Alexandre Lacazette (9)


At least we don’t have any world class strikers like RVP to come back into the team and smash his confidence to oblivion.


Link up play, chase his opponents down and score great goals :laca:


Loved how it just felt he was going to score that, still some work to do but looks so decisive. Great goal. Love him already.


He had one he just missed against Leicester was it? Been a long time since we’ve had a guy who can strike the ball like that from distance and be so accurate. He’s still been a bit invisible in build up play but I can’t complain. Hope he kees proving me wrong.


Would like to see more sharpness from him in his movement and possession.


Invisible to defenders is good.




Welbeck, Giroud and Walcott simply do not score from there in that scenario and that’s what we’ve been missing.


You can tell he just expects to score when he get the chance, very incouraging


I couldn’t get stream so missed much of the match but he had some seemless link up with Welbz and Ozil at times.


His link up play is clearly better than Giroud’s.






Not a controversial opinion imo, Laca’s feet are levels above Giroud’s, but he’s not as big so people will disagree.


Finish was pure fire. Loved that link up before the Özil free kick too.


One more like this one at the Bridge next sunday. Thanks :laca:


Nope, wenger will start him on the bench and get him on when we are 3-0 down with 15 minutes to go :henry2: :gabriel: :bellerin:


I think for this season, i can live with lacazette being a goal scorer against the smaller teams, going missing against the bigger teams and not doing so much as a super sub (try to think Adebayor in 2007/08)

Obviously his price tag doesnt justify this, but from what I’ve seen in 3 games, i think it will work out that way anyway


i doubt it, he has been quite prolific what makes you think he will be that way, talk about being negative as hell!


Its a difficult one Maverick. I’m quite the glass half empty sort of guy anyway. I just hope I’m wrong. I want him to score against Chelsea next week for example, but i cant see it happening, mainly due to the indifferences of the entire team/manager at stamford bridge in the last few years as opposed to the few inadequacies laca himself may have