Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Cause he’s shit and they probably didn’t really want him.


Someone doesn’t give up.




Imagine if he still wasn’t in the adaption phase!


Poor man’s Sanogo.


He is shit. Walcott and Welbeck are better :laca:


Maybe we can loan him back? He’s so good at disrupting things. The disruptive portion of his chart is unmatched in world football.


Am surprised he didn’t put in a transfer request. He must be cursing himself to have signed for us.

It’s okay Laca, only when you have experienced shit like this, will you truly appreciate a good thing. Take this season as a character building exercise and get out next summer. Or maybe in January.:henry2:


Lol! :wenger:


So the Daily Mail already calls Lacazette a flop. No doubt about it. They just hate us.


Did they call him a flop, or did they just call him not as good as Morata and Lukaku?


Daily Mail can eat shit and die tbh


I’m just going to enjoy watching Lacazette this season, he’s a class act and the one thing that’s stopped this window from being an unmitigated disaster. Think he’ll have a good season individually regardless of where we finish


He’ll need to grow out of the adaption phase first though :laca:


So play Welbeck until then :hipster:


Not as good as Morata and Lukaku


Considerably lower price, too.


Boss goal :laca:


Superior to Walcott :yum: