Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Obvious agenda is obvious


Lacazette is real quality, and its typical of Arsenal fans to slag him off just cos he hasn’t got 8 goals so far…
You lot would have got rid of Bergkamp after 3 games…so fec kin sad…


I’m not sure why there’s no middle groung between ‘world class’ and ‘mediocre/crap’. A4TT seems to have gone full blown troll.

Lacazette isn’t a striker who’ll make his own goals and his movement isn’t elite either but he is a quick, clinical finisher with good powerful shooting technique and decent close control. His link up is good but not elite. He could get 20 league goals for us with the right service. Alongside Alexis, if he stays, we’d have a very potent front line


Depends what you mean by make his own goals but can he create space for himself to get his shot off, absolutely.


C’mon! He is a troll. No one would ever judge a player after just 2 games. Leave him alone :wink:


Eh, there’s like 1 or 2 people doing that. Everyone else is pretty happy with him so far.


Right, to a degree but he isn’t going to be close to doing what Alexis or Aguero do.


Sanogo didnt need much more than that tbh. Since when did football fans ever become fair minded.


On the contrary he is not afraid to have a dribble in the box, turn, fake shot and shoot. As I raved in pre season, he will turn out to be a good addition and Im sticking by that.


I mean I’m in the Laca is overrated camp but @Arsenal4thetreble really is after that troll of the year award this year, really putting the foot down and upping the anti.


fair enough but thats the same time frame others are getting judged on having a different view. Just saying.


Funny how it’s OK to over rate some players but not others.

As I said the other day, I think Arsenal fans massively over rate both Alexis and Ozil. If they really were both the world class stars people claim them to be then why do Arsenal lose so often to seemingly inferior teams and finish where they do in the league?

Surely, if they are truly that good we would have won the league title instead of Leicester? All the other ‘big clubs’ were in transition, only Spurs threatened to come close to Leicester. We had Alexis and Ozil, why did they not lead us to the title?

Usual answer is ‘let down by their team mates’ isn’t it? My version is that Alexis and Ozil are just the best players in a bang average squad and aren’t really all that special.

Nor will Lacazette be special either


Thats a fair point.
I think both Sanchez and Ozil are world class but probably wouldn’t be so obviously that much better than their team mates if the gulf in quality wasn’t so wide.

In most of the other top European clubs, that are successful, they would have three or four players of the quality of Sanchez and Ozil and the rest of the team would be very good quality, with very few weak links.

We have two top quality players and very few others that could be described as anything more than adequate for the level we are at.

What’s more of a problem than only having two top players, is that after this season we won’t have any, unless Lacazette turns out to be the new Henry.

Losing those two in the same window for nothing is going to be very expensive for the club, unless they decide that the Europa League is the limit of our ambition.

If Lacazette does turn out to be world class, he won’t be hanging around for long either.


Sanogo came from Auxerre in Ligue 2, not from Lyon in Ligue 1 :wink:



He is already one of us!


All wasted effort though considering there won’t be one this year :gunnersaurus:


It’s okay cause I’m not a troll anyways. Maybe we can replace it with the most provocative thinker award. I’ll be a shoe in for that.




Why did his move to Atletico break down? They’ve just signed a forward. Could they not have loaned Lacazette to Everton?