Alexandre Lacazette (9)


The more you respond the more he’ll do it. And yes, I’ve responded myself.


Just let it go. He’s being an annoying troll. No one in the right mind would make a judgement on a player after 2 games–and certainly not place a player who is a squad player for the last decade and a passenger for most of it above him.


Lacazette has actually looked better than I expected him to and will be getting my support, I was saying I didn’t think he was any better than welbeck but on today’s showing I was very wrong


Kaner we agree on a lot of things but a passenger that’s hardly touched the ball doesn’t look good in my eyes. Theo, Sanchez, Özil should be our front three. Laca was a signing we should have never made tbh. I kept my mouth shut until I see how he’s no better than anyone we’ve already got at the club. Probably a signing Wenger made just to shut up the know nothing fans who don’t have a clue which players are any good, but as long as big money is spent they are happy. Cause price tag = amazing and better than anyone we already have on the team apparently.


If that goal that he scored had stood (and it really should have), would you still say the same about him being a passenger and hardly touching the ball?

As for keeping your mouth shut until you saw how he did, well 2 games isn’t good enough to make that judgement. Hell, it takes scouts more games than that to suss out a player. How about judging him after 10 games? Also, we don’t exactly play to his strengths always. When we play quick, one touch stuff, and get the ball into the box in a hurry, that’s when he will be most dangerous. Against Stoke, our build up was slow, with a million side ways passes. Each time he got the ball, he was immediately surrounded by 2 or 3 defenders. And let’s not forget, he can play on the wings too, like he did in the first game, so he is not limited in the roles he can play.


Yes I would because he couldnt even control passes that came right to his feet in the box, and he created next to nothing with his movement. That goal he got was all because a deflection, he does not play like an elite CF, but more like a poacher. So I really haven’t seen any evidence of him being creative enough to thrive in a team that relies on pinpoint passing and good link up play to create goals. Btw I aaw absolutely no issues with our attacking display against stoke other than a non existent CF (until Giroud came on) and a shitload of spurned chances.


Apart from the first 15 minutes our attacking play was not good. It wasn’t just Lacazette who was the culprit.

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Has already shown he will breeze past Walcott’s figures, in half the time.


I am the only one who noticed we stopped threatening Stoke once Lacazette went off?


That was never my point. My point was that Lacazette has been lauded as a solution at CF, when 90% of Arsenal fans had never seen him play. He hasn’t shown any qualities that would suggest that he is in fact the answer. He looks like everyone else we’ve thrown up top. Wish we would have gone after Diego Costa.


Giroud already did that last season


A Juventus reject became our greatest player ever. Not saying Lacazette is gonna become like him, but fuck me, give him time.


The guy you once lambasted the idea of signing (I believe compared to Chicharito, too, no?) because 'anyone can score loads of goals in the Spanish league".

You guys really need to stop feeding the troll.


I’ll admit when I was wrong. And I’ve admitted on many occasions that Costa is the real deal. Plus I’d really love an asshole in our team to wind people up.


I can see how you’d identify with that, Curty :wink:


Hate it when it works against us, but honestly Cuellar this gamesmanship you always speak of is a dark art. We could use that against Stoke so effectively, but our team are just a bunch of dumb cunts with zero football IQ. Costa would have won us several pens single handedly. Fack, see this is one time waiting until the end of the window would come im handy. I bet wherever Costa goes it will be for cheap.


Doesn’t this guy do just that??? :wenger2:

Oh you mean wind up the opposition.


Costa has said he only wants to go to Atlético, and it’s inevitable he ends up there. I agree that a lot of our players have zero football IQ. What’s also bothersome to me is how weak our protests were. If Bellerín gets up screaming after the two times he was fouled in the box, or is a bit more theatric, Welbeck too when he’s held back with Zouma, or Ramsey even who is put off by Zouma again I think? In these situations you have to seem absolutely indignant and crowd the ref, and you have to go down hard and get up screaming. People can bitch about these realities all they want but until there’s VAR it’s just not being intelligent. Honest is often a euphemism for “kinda dull.”


Could not understand why the fuck our team just played on and didn’t scream in the refs stupid fucking face.

Oh and on the Athletico thing, he’d change his mind if we showed him the money, plus it’s a world cup year and Athletico can’t buy him until when? If he got to play up top for us all the time he’d come. I’m sure he’d like to stick it to Conte as well. Too bad we already bought a waste of space for 50m.


Calling him a “waste of space” after 3 games where he’s been unlucky to not have scored in 2 of them is surely a bit silly? Even Mrs A4TT would say so and she hates soccer