Alexandre Lacazette (9)


What about lewandowski who nearly joined a club like Birmingham or blackburn (cant remember who it was) but some cannon fodder team doesnt mean he is a bullshit striker.


Lacazette is class.


I thought he was ok yesterday and his finish for the goal that should have stood was great, Probably is level or 2 above welbeck and Theo


Because you are silly :wenger:

Also, it is affected by how those players are likely to be used… as an example of why this wouldn’t be apples to apples, ~37.6% of premier league goals are scored in the first 40 minutes of a game.

28.1% of premier league goals are scored after 70 minutes…

Because I am lazy atm and trust you can figure out why this might matter, I won’t go further.


I thought he was sharp ! Linked up well and as someone said above :point_up_2:t2: Seemed stronger than you would expect. Against a pretty physical Stoke back line, I thought he battled well.
He had one clear cut chance and stuck it away, emphatically. can see him bagging plenty for us when (or if ) Sanchez is back and our creativity goes up a notch. :laca:


The team who bought Martinez and then promptly sold him to China? Yeh they are great at judging striker talent.


who doesnt make bad buys in the football world, face it you are clutching at straws! Look at Barca one of the best clubs in the world, bought Vermaelen, Song etc even cesc didnt fit them well and didnt play much for them.


Im not the one that brought Atleti into this conversation maybe you should redirect ur clutching at straws comment elsewhere. I merely said West Ham were after Laca and that’s probably his level. Listen I’m fully aware of how you Arsenal fanatics work. Get overly excited about a mediocre player because he’s the new shiny toy. He’ll blow hot and cold for a while and the general sentiment will be to give him more time. Once he’s pretty much proven to be crap then those same people who defended him to the death will tell him to fuck off and get out of my club because he’s ruining it. Rinse repeat.


he looks alright though has scored a goal a game so far also so i dont think that you can lump him in with players that people will wish for leaving.


Strange cause i looked at his stats it says only 1 goal? Who scored musta made a mistake.


he actually scored 2 but 1 was disllowed and some people still think it was onside and i feel he was onside also, still being debated. Regardless he has scored a number of times for us already only being with us for a little bit.


So we got a point yesterday then?


and here is you saying abou is an arrogant cunt in the other thread, you are beyond that. All you give a shit about is your shit opinion about chambo and walcock…but wont look at any other players attributes now splitting hairs over a goal fucking hell are you beyond pathetic, go put walcotts cock back down your throat and stfu already!


I think this place is quick to forget the best forward line we had in ages, was when Alexis, Theo and ozil were on the pitch together. That chemistry was the best in my opinion


You need to understand days like yesterday we can’t be wasteful, or have a touch of a donkey; which him and welbeck are guilty of.


the difference is that A4TT is writing lacazette off already after 2 games which is fucking ridiculous some players take a season to bed in properly and know the players around them. All the while rates players that are in general far worse than a player that he is writing off…trolling bullshit to the max.


Why does everything have to come back to me and Theo having sex?

Mods this is the third or fourth time in the past two days I’ve read about me and a player from Arsenal performing sexual acts. Can we at least make an Arsenal fan fiction thread so these individuals can play out their fantasies through the proper medium?


reason why it happens is that you go on and on and ON about them like they are your sexual partners no one can say the truth about them, you guard them like they are a bit more than just a player to you, you almost seem to get your rocks off over them.


Seriously if you can’t counter a4tts Theo posts without resorting to stuff like that maybe you secretly think he’s right and just don’t want to admit it publicly.


nope not at all…just fed up how he sticks up constantly for those 2 fucking wasters but then somehow casts aside a player that has played fucking 2 matches for us whilst those twats have been here for fucking years and done shit and are constantly told how EVERYONE is wrong about them but he is right and right about Lacazette well right about everything.