Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Just a question: would Theo have scored that header against Leicester?


This guy? Nah


But he’s not a good troll…

Good trolls are usually creative or at least a bit funny, he’s just not.


Plays like one too


I’d have taken Bent at Arsenal tbh.


Fulham level strikers are about the level we get nowadays so yeh not a big surprise there. Laca probably should be playing for West Ham tbh.


True, though he still gets the people talking, he’s somewhat effective if nothing else.


All you hear about is how shit the attack is how there’s no movement and it’s so ‘static’. So we buy some mediocre striker and everyone wanks over him like he’s gonna change everything and he plays and the team actually looks worse. Then all you hear is excuses. I feel like I’m the one being trolled tbh.


Not putting the team playing shit on Lacazette

I’m saying instead of buying a Tier 1 £100 million+ guy who can really destroy defences & is a real world beater

we’ve bought another Tier 3 striker and this just reveals, again, the utter lack of ambition of the board with regards to challenging for major honours


the team arent playing to anyones strengths as they are playing fucking terrible and a midfield of xhaka and ramsey is not giving us a cutting edge and as stated he has only played 2 games FFS so give him a chance.


Pretty much what I’ve been saying Bill, but i guess I’m a troll for stating the obvious. Not only are we stockpiling these mediocre strikers but now we’re paying 50m for them. But I guess cause he cost so much lets just ignore that he’s played basically the same or worse than all our other guys we already have in that position. Yay we spent 50m woohoo!! We’re spending a lot did we win the league yet?


30 goals a season is not a mediocre striker, you are not giving him a chance but yet you are constantly choking on walcotts dick, seems like an agenda to me!


I’d have taken Bobby Zamora at Arsenal tbh.


Who cares who’s striker, who cares about the lineup, whilst Wenger is helm we know what to expect.


Maybe when hes 26 then.:sunglasses:


Well he’s managed to fucking wind everyone up in Here, holy shit at watching us today and thinking Lacazette is even top 5 biggest problems here.


80 new posts?!

Still team Laca he’ll be in for the golden boot come April May time


I’m waiting for someone to take me up pn that wager.


I’m not sure what West Ham interest in Lacazette has to do with his ability as a striker. @Arsenal4thetreble

It’s worth noting he would probably be playing for Atletico Madrid if they didn’t have a transfer ban. A club who have a very strong reputation for their selection of strikers over the last decade.

So if you’re using West Ham interest as a measure of his ability then I suggest you drop your bias and also use Atleti’s interest too.


Yeah. But at the same time that interest tells us he’s not exactly a striker from the highest order. Their last few striker signings haven’t been the greatest either; Martinez, Mandzukic.