Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Not even joking, I’d have loved us to have signed 26 yo Jermaine Defoe.


We already have one of those his name is Theo Walcott. Fair play if we went out and bought Henry, but we didn’t, looks like we just got a less productive version of Theo


Next week we’ll finally have him, Alexis and Ozil in a trio, that’s something to look forward to


I would have preferred Lukaku :grin:


We spent 50m on this guy lmao, giroud is probs still the best CF we have. It will only be a matter of time until this guy is being scapegoated too.


he has played 2 professional matches for us and scored in both so really he is on a goal a game (some people feel this goal against stoke should have stood even though it didnt) That is not a useless player by any stretch


The team plays like shit with him leading the line though. Even against a parked bus Giroud came on and we instantly looked better. We have Theo on the team we didn’t need to spend 50m on a carbon copy. Shoulda used that money on a cm.


He’s absolute class and has scored pretty much every game in an Arsenal shirt so far. Natural goalscorer, the team around him just needs to fix up, Alexis will solve those issues


no dont put the team playing like shit on lacazette, the team were just playing like shit, and the subs changed the formation and there were less square pegs in round holes…yet again giroud came on and how many people crossed to him how many times? The team play like a bunch of dunces they will float crosses into lacazette but then on comes giroud zero crosses it boggles the mind i swear our players are fucking thick. You are clutching at straws and making yourself sound bloody stupid please stop.


Convinced he’ll score a shitload of goals for us


Such bollocks.

Giroud is not a better player than Lacazette your Walcott agenda must have frazzled your brain yet again.


The price tag had blinded you. I haven’t seen anything to suggest this guy makes us remotely better. Same static play upfront as always.






It’s two fucking games.

He’s faster than Giroud, better finisher, two footed, links up very well and can be deadly on the counter.

Ease up.


@Maverick79 @Darkseid you two are biting on that bait hard.



If Walcott was as skilled as A4TT is in trolling he’d win the Ballon d’Or every season.


It will be hilarious when Laca turns out to be a dud and the only one supporting him on here is A4TT.


Have literally not seen any of that from him at all. He’s scored a very Theo Walcott like goal and been invisible or acting like Lukaku with his first touch when he actually gets into positron to touch the ball. Depressing that’s the best player we ccould get


On a more lightheart note, I know some say he looks like a French Darren Bent, I think he looks more like the BBC Sport news presenter, Ore Oduba :laca: