Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Because he was probably forced to spend money on this guy, and 50m is a pretty penny, record signing. You can’t sign a guy and then sit him on the bench. Just wait you’ll see Laca will fail just like every other CF we’ve had. He’s nothing special tbh. I’m not saying Theo is the greatest striker in history I’m just saying Theo is probably going to be as good in the end as Laca.


perfectly acceptable on a footy forum though. Just have a minute lads.



I can’t anymore with you people. Laca is guilty of doing the very same things you slight Theo for. The only difference is Theo actually scores some goals and assists for us and actually gets into dangerous areas and causes defenses problems. Haven’t seen that from Laca. He plays almost just like Sanchez does having to drop so deep because his lack of movement. The difference is Sanchez is a world class player and can dribble past people and create. Haven’t seen that from Laca, in fact he looks quite the opposite.


He’s a smarter forward than what we’ve had in the last few years and a ruthless finisher. His passing is decent but be tailed off in that respect in the second half. He hasn’t given us any real reason for concern so far.


jesus christ the players are not used to lacazette yet and him used to them either but you expect perfection straight away but some fucker that has been dross for 10 years you think is better because he knows arsenal inside out and still puts forth utter shit performances…you are just baised towards walcott and stupidly so.


If you’re honestly judging Laca off 2 games at the very start of the season you’re an utter gobshite.


What if you’ve already judged him from pre-season and by this point have long passed verdict?


Attaching any significance to pre season is of equal gobshitery.


I’m kidding but what if you’ve passed judgment on him from his time in France?


Turning your nose up at Theos production is equally gobshite like imo.


I’d question how much you (not specifically you) really watched him in France. :slight_smile:

Maybe, but looking at the numbers and nothing else is overly simplistic.


At the end of this Laca will be a scapegoat just like the rest.


Yea, it’s all Wengers fault really though, that shit is undeniable.


50m is bargain basement for strikers nowadays. West Ham wss after this guy ffs.


That’s fair. But at the same time he hasn’t done enough to really entice someone as a neutral to go out of their way to watch him during his time over there.

I certainly think he’s a mildly exciting acquisition that we should give a lot of time too but in the same breath I’m not entirely convinced he’s going to be a 25 plus league goal scorer for us.

Concerns over his value to the team are premature yet warranted nonetheless and have been valid since before the transfer was even complete.


yeah he’s just a 26 year old Jermain Defoe type, not an elite striker at all

fucking full backs are going for £50 million in this market, this was another cheapskate buy


I liked his game, was surprised how well he held up the ball at times and how strong he was, winning back possession a few times too. Had a poor touch at the crucial moment but that can happen, Messi does it too. Based on the little I’ve seen of him he looks a better player than I thought we were getting. Can’t be surrounded by such shite like Welbeck and Bellerín as important attacking contributors in this system, though…not much hope that Wenger will change out of the 5-2-3 any time soon but putting Iwobi in there, or Alexis, for Welbeck, will help, and hopefully Kolasanic for Bellerín.

(our approach was also ridiculous over-direct at times, which is obviously not going to favour him, when they are all un-precise balls over the top that he can never get on to no matter if his run is good or not, or early crosses which are obviously not suited to him at all. This, sadly, doesn’t look like it will get better as long as Wenger is around)


A 26 year old Jermaine Defoe type should do perfectly fine in a functional Arsenal team.


While you’re right, I’m not sure I even remember what a functional Arsenal team looks like anymore.