Alexandre Lacazette (9)


Fixed that for you.


Looks a bit like Darren Bent in that @Phoebica picture!


Racist! :campbell:


Decent player but not top quality, if he plays alongside Sanchez & Ozil I can be relatively happy with this signing.


We’re in for a treat next season then!


I just get the feeling Laca is going to be excellent.




From the chorus of Iron Maiden’s Alexander the Great…

Alexander the Great
His name struck fear into hearts of men
Alexander the Great
Became a legend 'mongst mortal men

No idea if this would ever catch on as a chant…but, if he lives up to lofty expections, it might work :giroud: :laughing:


For those who play.


Edit: I’m thinking of manager career mode personally.



Exactly. Put him in a good context and he is gonna flourish.


Today :pray:


“He scored 113 of his 129 goals for Lyon in the four seasons since he moved infield, and never scored less than 22 in any of those campaigns.”

Penalty taker or not, that’s an impressive record.


It will be interesting to see how he adjusts to the PL, because it took Giroud a while to used to playing in a higher standard league.


It’s Iron Maiden… I think we have our answer


His chant is simple…simply switch the names.




My abiding memories of the transfer window so far.

“Lacazette and Alcohol” (Oasis)


A lunchtime announcement then?


He seems like a good player and I can scarcely believe we’re getting it done so soon. But between this transfer and posiblly Mahrez as well I hope we also put some time and money into finding a quality creative central midfielder. Xhaka was starting to come into his own last season, but besides him we havent got much technical ability or creatvity in that part of the field. Xhaka himself is not the greatest ball carrier/transitional type of midfielder.