Alexandre Lacazette (9)


That’s a legitimate mistake, but you can tack it onto all the others that got away.

My issue is with people who make it out that it is because of us, and our bid, that we didn’t buy him. If we had bid 50 million then he would be our player, which is utter nonsense.

If you really want to blame someone, then look no further than Gerrard, who convinced him to stay one more year, and get the move he actually wanted, Barcelona. And the squeeky scouser was spot on.


But wouldn’t that require Liverpool’s permission to talk to him?


I must admit I do get confused when it comes to agreeing personal terms and the grey lines between tapping up. I would have thought that since we had activated the ambiguously worded clause we would be in our legal right to approach the player.

@Jules you’re right there’s no guarantee that 50 million would have seen it done but I do believe that we should have stayed on the right side of Liverpool if we had legitimate desires to see the deal out. Gerrard done his part for his team, he done a much better job than our money men who should have enticed Suarez to come to London.


According to Wenger you’re both wrong :wenger:


Please please please can we not rehash this whole Suarez release clause debate?

There is absolutely nothing to be said that hasn’t already been said hundreds of times.


Cheers Wenger, appreciate you having my back bru.


Honestly that doesn’t seem to be much of the case anymore these days. Clubs will regularly have the agreement with the player first and then start negotiating with the other club as it is much easier for everyone involved to do it this way. You just have to look at the reports of Wenger talking to Mbappe’s family last summer as such a case while you have Klopp and Liverpool overstepping their rights when going after VVD as an example of being too persistent.


We’re not going to sign world class players. The key to building a sustained title challenge for Arsenal is to make the sum of parts a lot stronger. Lacazette might add to that. By having a strong idea on what we’re doing tactically and build on a good/exceptional defense. A lot like 07/08 when we build around, arguably, two world class talents (Fabregas and van Persie I don’t think we could consider them ‘arrived’ back then).

However ten years ago Arsenal had to deal with two contenders now with three. That makes that task a lot harder.


Exactly. We can do it. Just look at Leicester and Dortmund in the past.


Honestly, I am not fully convinced Lacazette is going to be a big success with us but then I haven’t really seen a whole lot of him. His numbers from his time in France are good but the fact that Giroud tends to get picked ahead of him for the French national team raises some questions. Maybe he has a problem with Deschamps.

Having said that, let’s give the guy a fair chance. One of my worries is that in order for him to be a success, we might need to change our game a little to suit his style. We will need to put more balls behind defenders so he can use his pace. We also have to be a lot quicker in our build up play rather than the million side ways passes before finally putting the ball in the box, with the opposition having 8 players in the box. Let’s see if AW has thought of that or is he going to ask Lacazette to adapt to our style. Just as I type that, I can see what will happen. Poor Laca.


The reason giroud gets picked ahead of him is because of the big little man combination that france like… greizmann and lacazettes style is very similar… greizmann is better so he gets picked and giroud is a plan b too.

Theres no doubt lacazette is the better striker out of the two.


Seems like their is plenty of doubt, I don’t see how you can say with 100% certaincy that lacazette is a better striker than giroud, He might be but their is just as much chance he isn’t/won’t be


I literally did not know we had an agreement with Suarez himself till Wenger mentioned it in the video above. Maybe he didnt have a clause after all.


Players going for fees like we paid for Lacazette is now the normal, average fee for teams at our level. We haven’t suddenly extended ourselves and bought a way better striker, a true elite player that is going to transform our attack, he is just an ordinary signing.
He could perform right at the top end of expectation and be amazing but the likely outcome is that he continues to score 1 in 2 and is not really any better than our current players.


Yeah this is probably the likeliest outcome, I think some people have been blinded by the transfer fee.


Except he is better than our current strikers because he can at least combine with his teammates without looking like a donkey.


Based on what exactly?

If he can link up better than giroud or welbeck I’d be very surprised personally


Chances created, dribbles completed.

Give it a month and you’ll realise how limited these current lot are.


Where are you getting the idea lacazette creates more chances than welbeck or giroud? Not nesisarily disputing it just wondering what your basing that on…


WhoScored website.

He’s been around 1.5-1.7 chances created for the last 3 seasons and close to 2 dribbles (league minutes).