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We done enough to sabotage the deal so that it never stood a chance of happening. Not getting dragged down this old rabbit hole again but I can’t stand the line of thinking that we done nothing wrong in that deal.

We can always make an offer to a player or a team that they can’t refuse. Money could have easily swayed Suarez and Pool.


I your told a pint costs “above £5” how much would you expect to pay?


If there is only one pint and I’m dieing for it, I’ll pay whatever I need to. I sure as hell won’t insult the bartender before that pints in my hands. That would just be poor business.


But if he offered it to you for “over £5” how much do you think he would expect to receive from you?

If you said fair enough and handed over a crisp £50 note he would think your a wanker for 1 thing, might even spit in your pint for being a flashy wanker throwing out money around


That’s not how the art of negotiation works though is it? You have to find the middle ground, you can be savvy without being insulting.

When a deal requires two parties to come together it doesn’t have to be extremes, like I said that’s poor business. I wouldn’t offer a penny over and I wouldn’t offer £50. I’d looked to establish a comfortable middle ground that would see the transactions successfully over the line.

You’ve poisoned your own argument by stating that by offering in excess the bartender may take offense, so naturally the same would be true in the opposite extreme, i.e. offering a penny.


The fact of the matter is if Suarez wanted to force the deal through and take Liverpool to court they would have had to accept the 40000000.01 because that’s what the clause in the contract said so to offer any more than that would be bad business

If we’d offered £50m Liverpool would have still not have allowed it unless Suarez took them to court and he wasn’t willing to do that to force a move to us because he wanted to go to Barcelona not so much arsenal


In reality who would do this in any instance. If i had something and someone offered waaaaaaaay more than its worth i wouldnt be going around all upset and think ‘he offered me much more than what this is worth the fucking scumbag i will spit in his food or punch him in the face’ Worst case scenario i would be thinking ‘RESULT’ or ‘absolute mug’


So you agree you’d think someone was a mug for paying much more than the asking price??

Is that not what castel is suggesting we should have done with suarez?


And we should have made Suarez an offer he couldn’t refuse to take it all the way. Yes we’d have to pay over the odds for his wages but in the long term it would have been worth it. We’d probably have won the league with him and sold him on for a profit.

We cut our nose off to spite our face in this deal, we lost in every way possible, both in finance and football.

That’s all I have to say on the matter, said I wouldn’t get dragged down this rabbit hole, but I did.


Yes they probably would think that in reality but those shitbags were dishonest and admitted they were dishonest about the situation and actually said that contracts mean nothing nowadays anyway…so they were cunts to the absolute extreme. The suarez saga has been talked about so so much now it has been done to death and it aint ever gonna get him here.


Pretty sure the only way we could have convinced Suarez to force the deal through and take them to court would have been to change our name to arselona and go and play in Spain


Suarez didn’t want to come. But it’s easier to think he did, and we were at fault for it not happening.


We offered 99p too much in the Suarez bid.

That could buy you a house in Liverpool.


If only there was some way to motivate and persuade footballers. Scooby snacks for footballers.


The only way we were going to get him, is if we bought him before Liverpool did.


Release clause don’t require negotiation.


That was another failure on our part. He had a legitimate 22 million euro release clause at that point if I remember correctly and was scoring crazy numbers at the time.

Why not offer a penny then?


He had a legitimate 40,000,001 release clause at Liverpool but Suarez wasn’t willing to take them to court when they refused to sell to us even though we had bid the amount in the clause


Even that would have sufficed if Liverpool actually abided by the contract.
They didn’t and Suarez didn’t want to challenge them for it.


Which is why we should have gave Suarez an offer he couldn’t refuse which brings me back to my original point. We went out of our way to sabotage our own deal and didn’t have the stones to see it over the line by enticing Suarez with a bumper contract. History shows that we made the wrong decision not to be more ruthless in our approach for him,