Alexandre Lacazette (9)


have we not been desperate for a world class striker to take us up a level from the good ones we already have? I just feel we have signed another good one for world class money


Unfortunately, it is how it works these days.


I agree Lacazette isn’t world class, I agree I wanted a few other strikers before him, but to say that Welbz ( as hard as he works never scored 10 league goals in a season) and Theo are better strikers is just plain stupidity or racism not sure which one.


Difrent leagues though, I’m confidant a fully fit welbeck or Walcott would absolutely smash it in France

You left giroud out because he also had a great record in France


I left Giroud out because I consider him a fair bit better as a striker than either Welbz or Theo. Yeah I think that they would both score more goals in France, but neither would have 3 consecutive seasons of 20 league goals +.


Theo’s got close to that in England let alone France and the only reason welbeck hasn’t in England is he has never had a full season where he has been played as a striker, id say 80% of his career has been played from the left or the subs bench


Theo’s highest goal tally in the league in England is 14 with his 2nd highest being 10, I wouldn’t say that constitutes being close to 3 consecutive seasons of 20 + league goals.


@Kaner, you have never been convinced by Lacazette. Fair enough. But you are getting on his back after just some friendlies.


Close enough to say he’d score 20+ in France, especially as again the majority of his playing time he has not been the main goal scorer in he team,

If Theo had been the main striker instead of Adebayor/RVP/Giroud/alexis obviously he would have scored a lot more goals


Christ! We have already had this discussion. Theo as striker has never really worked.


Hed still score 20 + a season playing in France though


Theo does not have the consistency or durability to score 20 + league goals a season in one of the big 5 leagues, but Kaner isn’t going to change his mind so we will have to agree to disagree.


TBH I think it is as pretty clear that £46 million doesn’t buy you a world class striker anymore


well it bloody well should


Well you can think it should do but it doesn’t change the reality that these days it simply doesn’t.


There aren’t too many world class/top class strikers about these days tbh. Which is annoying because we let two of the few- RVP and Suarez- slip through our fingers by fighting over chump change.


At least we have giroud


This is the harsh reality of the situation. Top strikers are like gold dust now. You either have to get lucky and create one or spend over the odds. I’m genuinely surprised we haven’t invested in more younger talented strikers over the years.


Just think Theo is a good impact sub, nothing more.


Incorrect. We lost one of those because John Henry didn’t honour the release clause, which we met. And because the player never really wanted to come here. Had he wanted to come, it would have happened.

There are many things I will criticise the manager/club for, but the Suarez thing isn’t one of them.