Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain



Take the 30 and get him out of here!!!


The ball really isn’t in LFCs court though. If they want him they’re going to have to pay a price at least similar to what Chelsea offered. And they’ve always been difficult with us so I do not want us to hand them Ox for £10m less than what Chelsea were prepared to pay.


It’s going to be so funny when this guy is starting next match. Wenger is spineless he’ll play him instead of doing the right thing and making him train with the kids.


Always thought Ox going to Chelsea was a non-starter as he’d be playing WB for them as well

Do Liverpool play a 4-3-3?

Cant see how Ox would fit in to that formation either


Liverpool should just offer 30m and £1 and treat us with the same respect we did to them.



It’s him that doesn’t want Arsenal not the other way around.

Now Wenger wants to play the big man ready to cut ties when he played him against Liverpool and offered him a bumper contract.

This club is a trip.


Yeah seems a bit of a silly stance to take now. Kinda like dumping your boyfriend after he has already cheated on you.


…whilst continuing to pay his share of the mortgage and letting him live in the spare room.


I’ve not even read the artical and I can guarantee you their isn’t a single quote from arsenal or wenger saying they are gonna ship him out now


And yet they should be. Having mediocre easily replaceable players disrupt the team in this way shouldn’t be tolerated. I’ve seen enough of him after his Theo jogging back on defense.

If he is deluded enough to think he is a CM (he won’t be at Liverpool either), then let him know he’ll be shipped out to a lower club where he can do that or he can be on the bench.

AW doesn’t need to be milquetoast on this one. Team has weak enough mentality to begin with–time for players like him and Ramsey and Theo, etc. to quit being on easy street here.


Agreed - good, strong, clever player… underrated I think… would have been another in the list of “players we very reasonably could have acquired that would have enhanced our FT and squad.”

Looking at just Pool, take Can and Sadio Mane; from Spurs Delle Alli, Kane, and/or one of their Dutch defenders (or even Eric Dier FFS)… none of these guys cost a ton… all would make our team better…


On the other hand we also really don’t want to keep him at the club anymore. It would be rather stupid if he ended up seeing his contract out at Arsenal after telling Wenger that he wanted to go. He’s worth too much for us to lose out on value on him.



Sounds really convincing lol. He’ll probably get his transfer


well he must be pretty stupid


Goal are reporting the deal is done.



John Crust now too, looks legit.


only thing is i can actually see AOC being a decent player under Klopp moreso than under Conte, oh well onwards (and hopefully upwards but at AFC that is highly unlikely)