Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


No one ever said that Chamberlain wasn’t capable of a good game, it was his chronic inconsistency and lack of productivity that was ultimately his undoing.

It’s going to take a hell of a lot more than a single class performance to make me believe getting rid of him wasn’t a masterstroke by the club especially for the fee we received.


Hes a naive player but his game and Liverpools is energy based. There was always going to be an improvement for him, but that doesnt mean we where wrong to sell him.


He’s still been crap all season :expressionless:


Crap he just scored his 3rd goal that’s more than any other season. To me that’s world class better than Messi yes I said it


had a few good games in a row for Liverpool but he’s done nothing all season, pretty much the same as he did for us


Watched most of Liverpool Vs City and while he had his good moments, he had is usual bad moments. I didn’t really see anything different about his performance. Having said that, I think Klopp will need a while to improve him, assuming he can be improved.


Let’s not be sour grapes.
Ox is consistently improving under Klopp.


What a day for Ox. Playing a big part in ending Manchester City’s unbeaten run then going home to Perrie from Little Mix :giroud3: