Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain


Aaand Ornstein. We got our 40m offer :slight_smile:


£40m, cant complain really…not a bad price!


40M again YES!!!


It’s old news really, he had his debut for Liverpool on Sunday!


£40m for Oxlade…in his final year on his contract…fucking hell haha.


Shame we won’t sign anyone to replace him… Reiss Nelsson will take his place?



Hope none of that goes on panic buys, Wenger doesn’t but anyone and it’s is put towards rebuilding under a new manager.


you just watch him turn into a player we kinda regret selling. Mind you though he wouldnt reach those heights here with our manager so keeping him would be pointless anyway. What i hate though is players like this play shit for us but then will play their hearts out for another club…fucking wankers!


It’ll be very interesting to see how he gets on there - must have received assurances about CM game time.

Any bet’s on how long till he’s been used a rotation for Mane?


Belgian, Dutch, who cares. Same thing right?






Nasri etc


Nasri wasn’t any better for MC than he was for us.


Did I say I wanted Klopp? After agreeing 40m for Lexi to play in midfield…Yeah, na thanks mate.

Anyone else find it fucking hilarious that this is just £1 off of what we offered for Suarez? :wenger:


most of our players go through the motions for us then move on and look vastly improved, dunno if they are being cunts or wenger is a massive hinderance.


I think it’s the opposite problem. I think Wenger leaves players to prep for themselves and players of today don’t do that. They need everything spoon fed to them.


Like who?


We won’t get £40m out of this, Southampton get a cut from memory that’s about 20%, There will be add-ons, So we’ll get approx £25m in the bank.


Fuck of wankpot .