Alex Iwobi (17)


I genuinely thought that was inside a particle accelerator at first.


The guy’s twenty fucking years old and he’s influencing virtually every game he plays against all levels of competition. Serious talent.

This Ozil, Alexis, Iwobi and Theo combination is looking incisive as fuck at the moment.


Yes sir. Pace, pace and more pace with those three.

Iwobi is making that position his. Fantastic today.


I will be seriously annoyed if Wenger ever starts Oxlade Chamberlain over him again if the choice is out of those 2.


Yes sir. Gotta keep Iwobi out there they way he is playing.

Rotate Ox for cup games and CL group stage dead rubber games.

Nice to have some depth for a change. knocks on wood


From the shed end:

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With Iwobi and Coquelin in the team for Arsenal I’m optimistic we can get a result today,


Courtesy of good old Culann Davies.


Saw that video.
He is positioned central in most of his good work.
Perhaps in future he will be a full fledged attacking midfielder.


One reason why Chamberlain will always be positioned behind Iwobi is the fact that he always seems be constantly involved and have an impact on the game, this is a testament to his football brain.

So even if he doesn’t score or assist he still facilitates play all over the attacking third allowing him to form combinations again and again, this is something Chamberlain is not capable of at least not consistently as for him it’s either he scores or assists which rarely happens if at all.

He has the base that many other players lack and that’s his distinct intelligence, all the other stuff can be built upon in time allowing him to become a more complete player.


He is just fantastic. You know he’s good when he can seamlessly come into the first team and not look out of place. Best talent since Jack’s breakthrough in 2010 and Bellerin last season.


He reminds me of Nasri tbh Good combination of technique, intelligence, agility and acceleration.


He really can be as good as he wants to be IMO

The fact that his uncle JJ has basically seen it all in football must be a contributing factor to his calmness under pressure and the way he is taking to the stardom like a duck to water, I don’t think it’ll ever get to his head

Potentially one of our best players for the next ten plus years and a future legend!


Black Messi


:iwobi: :wenger:


[quote]“At the moment, because I’m not really the best at defending,” he said. “He says I need to treat it how I treat attacking.

“And that’s something that’s really rung true with me. I love attacking, but I hate defending and it’s something I need to add to my game.”[/quote]

Nice to see that issue be recognised and looked at. Now if only Iwobi would act on it!

Looked like he was tracking back a little more yesterday but still not really enough.


:heart_eyes: I love love love this kid!


I am so glad they are aware.
Against Chelsea he let William be free on multiple occasions.


Nigerian Hleb.



His movements, his style, reminds me to our former belarusian attacking midfielder. The difference between him and Iwobi are the age and the potential. Arsène discovered another top talent.




PS - I miss you Brady.