Alex Iwobi (17)


He’s playing for the new manager perhaps, because he doesn’t want to be flogged to Everton :grin:

No, I like him to be fair. I’ve been critical of some of his performances (deservedly so) but I do think we can make a player of him.

On a side note, he tweeted this the other day, which I thought was sweet


Really want him to succeed, and he has the talent.

Academy product, I love it. Bastard needs to apply it now, and not come in late to training.

Needs a kick up the arse like the others. Won’t get it off Arteta though so fuck me, fuck my life and fuck everything.


If the new coach is smart enough, he should get a better left wing (or start Auba and Laca together) and use Iwobi and fucking Welbeck as sub ONLY.


No future here. Sell for +20 mil