Alex Iwobi (17)


Can think of very few players as uninspiring as a bench option as Iwobi.


Why are people fixated on him? He came on for 15-20mins; why are people acting like he is the issue?


5 people apart from you have commented on this thread since the match yesterday. That’s hardly fixation or widespread scapegoating now is it?


I am not talking about only recently; it’s either his is not good enough or he played shit.


He isn’t good enough and he played shit.


Apparently also (i know it is DT that said it but he was at the match) but he really pissed off the supporters. At the end of that shitshow yesterday when the players were applauding the supporters he ignored the fans and went over to where his family and was making a signal as if to say ‘call me yeah’ and then went down the towel. It may only be a little thing, but sitting through that match and then seeing that it must feel pretty shit for the fans and at the very least it paints him as either braindead (he certainly looks it at time even in interviews he seems a bit well…slow) or that he just cares about himself and is a bit of a selfish unaware manchild still.



As long as he keeps posting shite like that, everything is ok


I find few things more irritating than people who capitalise every word in a sentence.


Oh lord this thread


I feel a ox, Theo and Ramesy (back in the day) feel to this thread let’s see how it turns out


Who’s this a message for :thinking:




Cheers mate.