Alex Iwobi (17)


There can’t be another club in the league with as much disconnect between the players and the supporters.

They must think the anti-Wenger crowd are complete idiots as they’re just coming from a totally different viewpoint. Yet they’re still forced to trot out the PR building exercise about playing for the fans, wanting to make the fans happy etc. Hah :laughing: What a mess


I can’t remember the last young player we had to have a good half season and then follow it up with a good whole season after. I fall for it every time :neutral_face:


Iwobi is still my favourite player in our squad.


Hes 2 bob like the test of the wasters that play for us…and wengers a cunt…


So much disappointment every single time.

I don’t know if it’s because their short term success gets to their heads and then they think they’re world beaters and get carried away.


In fairness to Iwobi, are there direct quotes saying “I think Arsenal fans should show more respect to Wenger”, or has been paraphrased there by one of those cruel and spiteful journo types


This is what they claim he said, but as far as I can see, there isn’t a video of it:

"They need to have a bit more respect in my opinion. I mean, he’s been at the club for 20 years, he’s achieved a lot, obviously they’re a bit impatient with the results and where they want to finish.

“We also want to finish there, we want to win the league like anyone else, I can guarantee we are trying our hardest.”


The problem I have is the " impatient part " fans have been patient for a long time with this club and now nearly everyone is just fed up with the lack of progression.


Iwobi in the u23 squad today because of the return of Coquelin…


Do you want to play an away game with a super-offensive bench?


If the alternative is Coq then yes.


Got to cover Xhaka and the reckless cards. Makes sense having Coquelin in the set up to me.


Good decision as his performances started to decline, which is normal for young players who will naturally have dips in form. If we had another right back then Bellerin would have had the same treatment.


Iwobi not involved and garbage like Ox being spoken about glowingly again the media by Wenger. What a joke, Iwobi should actually be starting, or at the very least first off the bench.


was wondering… this guy just trains with us but is he allowed to play? what’s the deal with Debuchy? This pic is from the training session ahead of our match today against CP.


Just not start him.


Its obviously personal with Debuchy otherwise he should be taking part in games if fit.


When Iwobi starts: 'lol wenger over plays him’
When Iwobi is dropped: 'lol wenger drops him for…'
When Iwobi does badly: ‘lol don’t get the hype’

:smile: @AbouCuellar Ox being picked it completel justified atm. You might need to click the refresh button on the list of players you should hate on.


Looks like he may be struggling as his girlfriend supposedly left.


Gossip girl :wenger: