Alex Iwobi (17)


Fuck me this guy needs to pull his socks up and realise he aint some big megastar after one good season.

Was awful last night and actually cannot remember him playing that well in a long time.


I like Iwobi…but he does seem to be declining already? Maybe its because he doesnt have to fight for his place as much, which just means hes probably not giving it his all in his development now…


Yeah he’s definitely already declining.

This 20 year old kid peaked for 4 months at 19 and is now declining, time to ship him off to the knackers.


He just needs to be taken out of the team for a bit to recoup which is normal for youngsters. Already looking a bit burned out lately. Need to re-ignite his hunger.

Maybe when Welbz has fully rehabilitated he’ll be first choice, but for now Lucas more than deserves a few starts.


I Think the lad is playing too much of a big role

hes an young player - probaly at best bring him on last 30 mins to do soemthing his current role playing every game i dont see much from him but i think he will be at talent just dont wanna see him start every game would rather have lucas or wellbeck on that side


I do agree. He is having a very average season.


Has he been acting like one?


Or maybe he’s a kid who’s still learning his craft and is playing a little more than maybe he should be…


Yes that too


No but he does have exceptionally low socks so overall I agree with the sentiment.


Draxler is getting 180k Euros per week, we should not be spending that much on Draxler. Oh and Iwobi has more goals and assists than Draxler this season.


If anyone want a front three composed by Theo, Lucas or Welbeck and Sanchez, - plus Özil - despite on midfield we have only Granit as playmaker (and unfortunately he isn’t too mobile), for me is crazy.

WTF, this is real football, not Fifa!!

A team need balance, and with four offensive players on the pitch, the team are unbalanced!!!


Lucas Perez over Iwobi anytime, just anytime.
Well, we know Wenger. If Ramsey is healthy, he would have started all the games.
His favoritism is just out of the universe.


According to Iwobi the fans need to show more respect to Wenger and we are impatient in terms of results. The kid really needs to pipe down as the last time we came close to winning the league he was in Primary School.


He owes too much to Wenger to be objective.

He’s been played liked he’s some kind of key player and not the project that he is.


Iwobi has a whole new respect from me.


Yeah it doesn’t help at this point - the team and AW need to prove it on the pitch with results… more these past heroes and others come around to defend the manager, the more it just looks like the cult of Wenger, board included.


What a joke, Iwobi saying we should respect Wenger, yet he and most of the team have been performing like they’re playing in the Ryman Football League! Is that respecting the manager?!

He also said:

"I don’t know exactly what’s going on. But me, personally, I’d like him to stay. No matter who is in the job, or who gets the role, we’re always going to fight for the manager, every player always gives 100 per cent, no matter what, we’ll just play.

“He always backs our players and he is a great man. He’s been great to me as well, I’ll always back him, no matter what. For what he’s done for me, I’d like to say thank you, for bringing me in to such a world class team, and I’m playing almost regularly.”

No surprise really. Very few other managers would have given him as much game time as Wenger has given him over the last year.


I remember when I wasn’t convinced he was one of the best talents in Europe lol.

He’s a good player with good fundamentals but fuck me did some people overrate the quality of our squad in the summer.


We??? Really??
Even West Brom displayed better fighting spirit than us, and they looked more like fighting for their manager than you guys.

World class team?? Fuck off.
Because we are not world class and that’s why you can play regularly.
Put you on a real world class team, you are just a project that will get loan out.