Alex Iwobi (17)


Dunno what’s worse, scoring an own goal or getting a kiss from Gabriel.


Feel fucking sorry for Iwobi watching these clips again. Oh my days that is stress.


Extraordinary patter here. Haha.


Do we have a coffee spit emoticon?

Was that satire?



Hopefully get’s his place back off Oxlade soon as he actually has a bit of football intelligence and we play better when he’s there.

Shame we didn’t keep Campbell. Rotating him and Iwobi all season would have been great and much better than seeing Oxlade messing up on our wing every time he plays.



Quality stuff.


The fact that there isn’t any messages on the Iwobi thread distresses me.

Gunnerblog mentioned it on his post-match… Iwobi is actually great.

Weird season so far, but a massive plus is his maturity - particularly recently. The Ox needs to take note.


Has potential to be world class for us but then so did Oxlade


Love this guy, one of the best young players around.


He doesn’t get enough praise in the media probably because he chose Nigeria over England, but he is one of the best young talents we’ve produced in a long while.

Love his unique style of dribbling and his poise. Cleary has a football brain on him too. Sky is the limit for him IMO.


Oh hay, hype trains up and running again!


He looks so much better and with a better end product than the Ox, tbf.


Two awful crosses isn’t really end product.


Yeah dunno about that end product comment - Ox has better stats than him this season and has probably played less?


His dribbling is brilliant for someone so young, we seem to have a young ‘winger’ that doesn’t play the ‘kick-and-run’ us English folk crave so much :stuck_out_tongue:

Just pleased that he has the brain of someone comparable like Özil where he will play the right pass in advanced positions and not crab about. Keep him fit and healthy at a young age and I think we’ll have a serious player in time!


What a player…fantastic tonight.

We looked so much less dangerous once Wenger brought on Pérez with the overkill as @A.F. pointed out and didn’t have Iwobi on the left anymore… :confused:

We’ve got some seriously exciting young talents in Iwobi (less a young talent than an already good player), Holding, Jeff (excited about him again after his move to centre midfield), Willock, Bielik, and Nelson, just wish Wenger would move on so they could be part of a set-up where they can flourish and actually win things. He’s already squandered one big one (you know who, guys! :kissing_heart: ).


Stop it, you fanboy.


I must say, if Jeff continues on his trajectory, he could be quite a special talent indeed.

Unreal pressence in the midfield and final third as a whole. Classy young player.