Alex Iwobi (17)


If anything the England NT offers a far more stable environment in almost all areas than Nigerian NT setup ever could.


Probably true, but probably not as good a football education.


Depends, the quality of coaching, analytics and facilities are better at St George’s park. The competition to get into the England team might force him to improve various aspects of his game.

In terms of football education through game time yeah I can see the way Nigeria plays and the level they play at allowing him to develop better attacking instincts but is that worth the regular crisis that happens every so often with Nigerian football? They’re in a stable at the moment issues usually flair up pre and post tournaments


We’ll see, right now Nigerian football is at its peak, they seem to be doing something right.


I don’t agree really. Plenty of negatives playing for the English NT. One of the most anti-football establishments around. A team like Nigeria still have that underdog bite to them, unpredictability and hunger about them whereas England are in a constant stream of mediocrity whilst also having the platforms t be successful and being fairly well established as a NT for many years; coupled with constant media lashings and all the pundits we have to listen to for an opinion on football.

He plays in England all year around, for a big team with constant pressure to perform. Going to a new environment and experiencing new methods and ways of life seems a better experience to me.


He went full Jay Jay Okocha with that rainbow flick :ok_hand:


Just stop bloody moaning for one moment of your life. Jesus christ. Its a fucking rainbow flick. Like it and fuck off like the rest of us.


35 appearances? He has 16 PL starts, 3 CL starts for us. And he plays predominantly as a playmaker. I’m not too worried about his lack of goals. He has the awareness and technique to be a goalscorer in time. He’s 19 FFS


Has he scored a hat trick against San Marino though? HAS HE?!


He’s part of a forward 4 that we need an even contribution of goals from as we lack a world class striker, yeah 35 appearances all up is correct. He is only 20 though so he does still have time to add goals to his game your right in that regard.


Well that has to include a significant number of sub appearances.

Anyway I’m not sure a wide player needs to necessarily be scoring prolifically. We had Rosicky and Hleb out wide who played well without scoring much. Willian is considered a top wide player. If anyone should have got more flack for not scoring more in our set up it should of been Ozil prior to this season considering his average position is much closer to the goal than our wingers.


Ozil has to get a pass because of his assist count usually being so high. Yeah the year we had Hleb and Rosicky out wide and we did well we also had Adebayor scoring 30+ goals including 24 in the league which we don’t have anymore. Don’t think anyone has scored more than 16 league goals for us since RVP left.


We haven’t had a player that would even attempt that since…god knows. I guess Eboue might have tried.


Lost a bit of spark. Doesn’t feel like he deserves to be in the first-team at the moment.


Alex, if you stayed on the post you would have saved that.


Needed taking out of the team three or four games ago.

I guess we have so many attacking players playing average now that some of them have to get into the team by default.


Yep - lots of “ok-ish” options in attack right now. Only Ozil and Sanchez really need to be out there every game. Ollie, Theo, Ox, Iwobi all not really good enough. At least Iwobi is 19 and has time on his side.


The novelty has well and truly worn off on this guy. Looked completely out of his depth today


Defensively awful but we saw the two most consistent wingers at the club out there tonight. I don’t know what alternative any of you are suggesting when you’re taking Iwobi off. Ox? Theo? Ramsey? Ozil? Another youth product? Letting go of both Gnabry and Campbell was stupid.


He looked eager the first 20 or so then he kind of disappeared. Looked completely destroyed after the OG, feel for him.