AFC Bournemouth Vs Arsenal (PL)


yeah, because you know how to perform and change the things… oh yes :joy:

Ladies and Gentlemen, we have the new Rinus Michels here :clap:


Few changes to the playing XI, a tight schedule and suddenly the defensive organisation is non-existent. It just isn’t good enough for a club of this magnitude.

Ramsey’s irresponsible marking, Mustafi being dragged out of position, Bellerin beaten one on one, Xhaka’s pathetically rash challenge, Cech beaten at his near post twice and a pretty ordinary penalty too…

All our off the ball weaknesses brought to light, yet another question mark thrown at the door of the coaching staff, plus of course several poor individual performances on the night to compound matters. Bournemouth took advantage well and showed the kind of intensity that you’d expect any Premier League team playing at home to show.

Great comeback but only the 4th could have made this the result we needed. Giroud’s celebration was stupid. Big performance by him though. Sanchez’s frustrations expected and a necessary thing. We need to use Perez and just forget about the careless Ramsey at this point.

We simply had to go on a substantial win streak against sides we’re a lot better than. With defending like that it’s just not happening and given how tight it is from 2nd-6th we can almost certainly kiss the title race goodbye and brace ourselves for that old battle for the Champions League spots again.


Obviously spurs win tonight blows this latest whinge to bits. No reason at all or EXCUSE for that gutless first half yesterday.
Replica of the boxing day trouncing at Southampton last year.


Oh dear not the result we wanted last night .


This is what annoys me about this week !


Mental toughness / mental strength is about coping or dealing with a difficult situation.

Can we stop using it incorrectly and assuming mental strength equates to not conceeding goals? Because the two really are not the same.




A difficult situation like playing away to a half way decent side, in a difficult ground, on less than two days rest without a bunch of our best players? I agree it’s knit picking but it is a pretty weak mentality to cruise into that match thinking we can play at half speed and come out with a result. Not getting our heads out of our ass until the 70th minute is shit.


AWESOME we have the Gabriel disgust emoticon…yaaaaay!