AFC Bournemouth Vs Arsenal (PL)


So was Giroud’ scissor kick goal, but they all count.


Not really.

Girouds was an unstopable goal that no keeper would be ashamed to conceede.

None of their three goals were particularly good, all were particularly lucky.


Plus the fact that our GK was shite.


Or the fact we are consistently prone to making shit mistakes defensively which has been the case for years on end.


Really fucking shite. Honestly feel so let down by Cech.

I was blown away by his signing :frowning:


As i said, they got lucky.


Yep, lucky we played sh1te :flushed:


Arsenal are always unlucky.


Our luck will never change with a senile old twat running the show.


A competant right winger and ref not having a mare and the chances of any of those goals falls dramatically.


Bournemouth had 5 shots on goal and we 1 before our 3-1 goal. Hardly Cechs fault those chances were created. Yes he conceded the 1-0 at his first post, but it was a very good finish and he found the one inch he didn’t cover. Our total shite team defending was the reason. And a poor Bellerin and a brain dead Xhaka. He compensated with a couple of assists, but giving away that penalty was embarrassing.


Yeah the Xhaka pen really made be mad. Bellerin was poor, but not so blatantly stupid. I mean come on. Maybe he didn’t realise he’d crossed over into the penalty box but he needs to be aware of shit like that!


The penalty Ocke. The fucking penalty.


Yes he didn’t save the penalty. What a crap keeper? Blaming the keeper is an easy way out and a failing in seeing the bigger picture.


Liverpool drew with Sunderland the fisrt time they have had to play more than 1 game in a week, I don’t see how you can use hem as an example of why he fixture pile up shouldn’t be used as an excuse

Crystal Palace lost to the worst team in the league after having only 1 days rest too


In no way am i blaming the keeper for the loss of the game nor am i failing to see anything.

Fact is, Cech isnt the tier we thought he was, let alone the tier we need.


70 minutes of absolute dross and 20 mins of us actually playing ok

Shame we couldnt start like that!

I think we were unlucky to concede the 3rd goal. If Oliver is giving them a penalty for what Xhaka did, which i think was the right decision, then he has to give us a free kick for Fraser pushing over Bellerin

Cech seems to of dropped a few levels as well. That 3rd goal was shocking in a number of ways and he really shouldnt be letting it through his legs like he did

2 points dropped cos we decdied to only play for 20mins but at least Wenger could come out and praise our mental strength!


Why does he praise the mental strength of the comeback but refuse to comment on the mental strength, or lack thereof, when being down 3-0?

Of the 18 points from WBA,Palace,Bournemouth,Swansea,Burnley,Watford. 16 would be the bare minimum, and the toughest match was clearly Bournemouth when looking at the schedule. I just can’t fathom going down 2-0 in 20 minutes, and 3-0 down for a team who had sights set on the championship.


Cos he wont criticise the players, especially not in public

Wouldnt want to hurt their feelings now


Girouds dance reminded me of these Guys