Aaron Ramsey (8)


I must say, when he had his last great season I still felt there was a touch of luck about a few of the things of what he was doing, e.g. flicks conveniently working when they didn’t before, balls rolling in off the post that might have rolled wide before, power shots not hitting row Z.

The more this season has gone on more and more of what he does seems like geniune class.


That means he will be leaving then.


Didn’t have a great game but goal scoring midfielders are simply highly valued things.


didn’t realise he got that fucked up


Still, I thought he was really selfish not to pass the ball to Ozil when he scored yesterday. Ozil would have been left with an empty net, almost certain goal. Instead, he decided to beat the keeper himself, which probably gives him a ~50% chance of scoring.


He’s in fine goal scoring form and he backed himself, I quite like seeing that.

But I definitely take your point cos if he hadn’t scored I’d have been mad lol