Aaron Ramsey (8)


Panenka with placement.


Would have been more impressive if he put it in the middle of the goal.


Yes. It’s not a real panenka.


He tried to but its Ramsey :roll_eyes:


Last 2 games he wins us the cup and scores a good pen. Lets give him a moment of rest bite ffs.


Arsenal have opened talks with Aaron Ramsey regarding a contract extension in an attempt to avoid any uncertainty next summer. [Telegraph]


Would he be seen as a club legend if he won a PL title? I mean he already has 2 cup final winning goals.


Arguably yeah. Legends take many forms, and it extends further than just being good and hanging around.

That is of course until he gets asked a loaded question whereby the answer isnt ‘arsenal is my world’, then hes just another Nasri.


For sure :wink:




No. He’s had one good season in his entire Arsenal career.


If he was our top scorer in an unbeaten double season and he didn’t have a shit hairstyle then he could be a legend.p


He is far too inconsistent.
His average performances far outweigh his good games.
The fact that Wenger often starts him on the bench means that the word legend could never describe Ramsey.
He is a very good squad player and has the occasional great game, but there are a lot of players like that.


Yea he’d have to up his game to be an actual ‘legend’, not necessarily top scorer.

And even then legend is the elite bracket. Would we put Merson, Smith, Rocastle down as legends or mere icons?


The fans have shat on Ramsey too much to ever be considered a legend


I dunno when it’s all said and done it might be possible because doesn’t look like he’s going anywhere if talks about a new contract are to even believed.

He’s turned up in some of our biggest games when it comes to cup wins in recent years and could still be involved in more, fans ultimately have short memories and could forgive him for plenty.

I personally wouldn’t though if he continues to be so inconsistent.


The term legend gets bandied about quite a lot nowadays. What even decides if a player deserves to be called a legend? Is it ability? Loyalty? Trophies? I mean, when you look back at our past legends - the likes of Bergkamp and Henry – Ramsey comes no where close to claiming the same influence on games as those two did.

For me, Ramsey deserves praise for being the guy who ended our trophy drought, but his inconsistency means he’s got quite a way to go before receiving legendary status.


Ramsey doesnt get enough credit. Always a scapegoat and gets stick for being ‘‘dull’’, but his mentality is stronger than most im the squad. He’s suffered a horror leg break and bounced back stronger than ever. Even took stick from our own fans for ages but never let his head drop and always played with energy and heart despite being average a lot of times.

Shows up in big games too, Spurs, finals, Liverpool etc. Instrumental in Euro '16 too. Never in the papers for the wrong things, is a family man and decent guy. Still gets abuse and fans want him out lol. Cracks me up tbh.


Nothing wrong with wanting him out, however, I agree with you on the abuse and criticism.

Said as much on the old forum but people weren’t receptive at all lol.

Some of the stuff people have said is way OTT.


Ramsey’s inconsistency compounded by the fact he often walks into the first team regardless of form is one of the main contributing factors to us never being able to compete for the EPL.

Never-mind talking about him as a legend -furthest thing from- we should be looking to replace him if we actually want to be competitive again lmao.

Some of the shit I read on here during the downtime is insanity.