Aaron Ramsey (8)


I have no interest in relying on someone who can’t seem to stay fit for too long. He’s not good enough and I wont let the last few weeks cloud what has been an average to below average last 3 seasons from him.

Find a better player and replace him. Relegate him to the bench.


He run a hell of a lot and by the end his hair still looked on point!

Aaron James Ramsey. My new hero. I’ve sacked off Bellerin.


When given freedom to roam he has impeccable timing and makes great runs in the final third. Even when not playing well he still makes the right moves. Also one thing underrated about Rambo is his mentality. Doesnt let his head drop, even when not in form.


Think I saw on Twitter that he ran a whopping 14.4km! Tasty :ramsey:

Xhaka has finally bedded himself into the midfield, having Ramsey alongside him gives us a healthy balance. A shame it took so long to work that paring out. I’d still like a Cazorla clone of some sort to give us genuine CM depth though. Beyond these three (moreso, two as we shouldn’t rely too heavily on Santi), I really can’t see us creating much with the options we have.

Anyway, super glad he got the winner and oddly in poetic fashion too! Well in Rambo!!


Would be such a Wenger thing to do. So we shouldn’t do that and sign a CM.


I think we do for two reasons, firstly because a hamstring injury is inevitable with Ramsey and not only does he end up missing games, when he returns is when you see the absolute worst of him, he takes time to get back to his level. Secondly, I’m not confident on any midfield we can put out that doesn’t include one of Cazorla or Xhaka and going into next season being that dependent on Xhaka to me feels like a gamble we’ve taken so many times over the years that has fucked us during the season.

Tolisso or someone similar would be ideal in my opinion, he’s good enough to genuinely compete and overthrow Ramsey whilst having the capacity to cover 6.

Moe wrote about him not so long ago.



I thought Tolisso was basically a done deal to Juve?


Doesn’t seem to be the case anymore, bunch of reports that they’re looking at domestic based players because of his asking price.


Can Goretzka play the 6? @CunningLinguist Tbh, I think Santi could actually play the 6/Xhaka’s role pretty well.


He probably could but I’d hope our plans wouldn’t include him or we at least treat him as a luxury. I think it was Ted Knutson that said achilles & ankle injuries are the worst for footballers, having any kind of reliance on his fitness leaves us vulnerable imo.


Watch Wenger conduct his transfer business in the belief that Santi will play the bulk of the season though.

We really do need to bring in a young talented CM this summer.


Isn’t Fornals meant to be a Cazorla clone? Really feel we need someone comfortable on the ball in tight spaces, given the differences between both Ramsey/Xhaka. Keita as pure depth/improvement over what we already have too.


You mean like this guy

:unamused: :facepalm:


Yeah that was fail, he went for what £10mil? I despair.

@Burgundy I really do like the look of Tolisso, could be a great fit here not to mention that versatility.


I’ve dwelled on Ramsey since winning the cup.

I’ve changed my mind, I want him to stay; there is a lot of talent there.


Thinking about his winning goal. One thing about Ramsey is he doesnt shy away from being active in the final third and makes superb runs from midfield. The timing of runs from midfield is an underrated trait IMO.

We had both Ozil and Sanchez playing behind Giroud when he came on but it was Ramsey who busted a gut to support, the central midfielder. Also his stamina is great attribute to have because its what you need in the last 10 mins of the game to make the difference.

Yes he can have bad spells but so can anyone. He’s recieved a lot of critism this season, some justified, some harsh. One thing about him though is he hasnt let it get to him and still plays with energy and a smile on his face despite the abuse. Wenger has done a good job with him overall IMO and hr offers something different to the squad.


Five at the back also helps I reckon. Leaves us less exposed if he starts roaming again.



They don’t call him the Welsh Messi for nothing


Greatest penalty of all time :ramsey: