Aaron Ramsey (8)


He’d probably do well somewhere at a club like Everton


When you’re getting trolled by Troy Deeney, it’s probably time to re-evaluate your life.

Apparently Troy said, about Kaboul’s goal, “I think he bottled it a little bit. Ramsey’s mistake was our blessing. I have come up with Sean Dyche and Malky Mackay and if we had turned our back on the ball like that, they would have had strong words with us.”

He’s right tbf


It was absolutely his fault… he stopped following his own man and re-positioned to block the ball. If he lets it through the ball goes straight to Cech.


Who probably still doesn’t save it lol


Yes I’m sure Cech wouldn’t save a ball coming directly at him HAHAHA HARDEEHARRRR :xhaka:


Yep! US Luca. That is the problem. We have players good enough for us but not for good teams.Lol.


Rambo gets haircuts from Sean Dyche’s wife and makes him watch.





why cant he like it?


Who gives a fuck.


Cause he’s not in the team… Must mean he’s leaving :wink::wink:




Nearly 300 games for us, aged 26 and been a first team player for the last 4 or so seasons now. How is he still playing football for us?


I wonder the same thing about walcott, he shouldda been sold about 3 times over by now but instead he has 3 new contracts…boggles the mind


Thought he was good last night.


No love for Rambo?

Thought he was ok today about from losing the ball to Toure.


Yeah i flipped our in mdc about that, but was pur in my place when someone mentioned that we only had one defender back, that was just an Arsenal full retard moment.


Thoughts on him @A.F. @Burgundy ? Seems Wenger is going to persist with him no matter what, so any hope of him becoming a legitimately good player?


The 3-4-3 helps cover up some of his main deficiencies. With another CB on the field, its less disastrous if he gets caught upfield and out of position. Also, we don’t dominate possession so much so he has less responsibility in that regard.