Aaron Ramsey (8)


Ramsey 73 and Cazorla 97 loool, what a terrible list.

Hamsik 82 :joy:

Edit: Seeing Ramsey so high I didn’t even notice Robben is only 89 and Nani is 10 places higher than him.
:poop: :poop: :poop: :poop: :poop:


Is it ranked in order of anything because… 98 Thiago, Ramsey 73, Robben 89.

EDIT: Dele Alli is 90. :joy:


Forgot he was an Arsenal player and I’d very much so like him to stay on the bench when he comes back. Useless negative player.


What are you talking about? 73rd best in the world right.


I thought you considered him WC :stuck_out_tongue:


He needs to react and show why he should remain in our squad. Unfortunately in his position there is one of the best players in the World about the trequartista role.

I would like to see a 4-3-3 with Xhaka in front of the CBs and Elneny and Ramsey behind Walcott, Lucas/Welbeck and Alexis.


73rd best CM I’ve seen play for Arsenal.


Top 100 gang. :sunny: the Welsh Messi.


if you read the comments on Ramsey you’d see that they heavily weighted in the EURO performance and then it’s not that crazy, he was majestic for Wales and one of the best players of the tournament. Clearly for club has nothing to do on that list lol


Hopefully this puts him on the radar of some Chinese club.


Since Ramsey has literally no supporter.

I will become a devil’s advocate in exchange of KFC coupons.
Anyone with KFC coupons ?


ffs that was my plan earlier, I was just waiting for him to lose one of his peg legs. Oh well, early bird, I wish you good luck (we don’t have kfc nearby where I live).


Syrian people live in better conditions than you do.


I don’t rate every Arsenal player. Ramsey, Coquelin, Jenkinson, Sanogo, Giroud at times are all shit to me.


Giroud has been more than good enough for us.


I guess he hasn’t flopped, just don’t like his style, big slow striker should be playing for West Brom. If we switched to Alexis as a striker last season we would’ve won the title.


Bollocks. We just need to use him to his strength. He can score from outside the box though.


So he’s become so powerful he can kill celebrities just by forcing the keeper into a save. He must be stopped.


The perfect player to put in the squad, near Xhaka, is him at the moment. Until the return of Santi and Elneny, he should be a regular starter.


Xhaka-Ramsey is at least worth a go. But I can easily see it going wrong because it would be happening at a time when they’re both struggling for confidence and playing far below their best.