Aaron Ramsey (8)


Yeah, he could work well in a three where he’s just asked to get up and down the pitch.

He doesn’t suit us and won’t last particularly long under a new manager.


Get galliani to temporarily move to Juve, so he can repeat the catastrophe that was signing matri (for milan) which funded Juve to buy tevez and help win the league. My point is: milan have slowly eradicated all the Kevin prince bellend love themselves types I don’t want anymore.


Hes had one decent season for us. Since that one off season he’s been awful

Fancy flicks, shots from ridiculous angles, slowing our play down. How he just walks in to the team i’ll never know


before his injury he was looking quality…then Shawcross snapped his leg and then he was never the same. Same happened with Diaby and Eduardo, its such a fucking waste!


Haha you can’t say that about Ramsey. He has fully recovered unlike Diaby and Eduardo.

His past performances for us and Wales show that


he might have physically, but maybe not quite right in his head…not for us not in the EPL, maybe he has lost some edge about him, massive injuries can fuck you up. I know he has recovered from the injury but he just hasnt been the same dynamic player since!


Agreed with this. I really don’t care what any player says about their future, those comments are mostly throwaway and nothing more. It only matters what he does on the field and right now, and for some time previous, that just isn’t good enough.


Exactly my thoughts, the idea that he just fluked 40 odd games over 14 months is just hilarious, however something is wrong. I wonder if it’s that he doesn’t do well for us unless he’s in a 4-3-3 (three man midfield) with the defensive backup, the central passer and him as box-to-box, where he just runs and creates and kills space in midfield while offering that second wave in attack with a long shot on a deflected ball coming out of the box etc. When we played 4-3-3 we would occasionally (more often after 13/14 as Cazorla took central) run out of wide attackers and play him there and it rarely worked that well.

He hasn’t played in that central midfield role since we switched to 4-2-3-1 because it has been 2/4 of Cazorla/Coq/Elneny/Xhaka. When we have played him it has been wide-ish in attacking midfield, like for example vs. United where he took Iwobi’s place but him and Walcott both got pretty much nothing done for 90 mins.

For Wales they did some 5-3-2 or something similar but the point is that he was in at least a similar 3-ish man midfield with Ledley and Allen, offering a sort of additional guy up front whevnever he could to support Bale and Robson-Kanu, he’d be wide but wander into the middle if needed.

I’m beginning to think that he doesn’t really do anyhting for us if we’re to play 4-2-3-1 as I don’t think he could fill the second midfield position particularly well (where we need someone to control the pace and passing) and he never did well for any prolonged period wide in attack imo. I hope I’m wrong in my assessment, I hope he can find his place but I’m worried.


@oompa: You can’t play the likes of Ozil out wide to accommodate Ramsey, he is nowhere near that great of a player that the team should be built around him. He’d likely do better in a three but it isn’t going to happen here.

It’s adapt or die and under a new manager his career will most likely be killed off due to severely reduced playing time.


He looked a beast until 3 years ago, tbf.


Tbh a lot of what made Ramsey a great player for us was his willingness of just carrying the ball forward while letting someone else do the creative work. He was also a much bigger goal threat back then and was actually a good shooter while these days you can be happy if he even hits the goal. Especially the latter can just have been a good streak but it’s surprising that he doesn’t really find his best place in our squad as someone who would work for the team and do the easy things at the right time. At least the wouldn’t have him give the ball away all the time when absolutely not needed.


Its actually quite simple. After that season, he thought he had made it and naturally let his performances drop. It’s all mental with Ramsey. He was much better when he was a young hungry player. Now he’s just a bit of a cunt with blonde hair that does backheels and flicks. Liked him much more when he had something to prove.


Just because hes not suited for our style, doesnt make him a bad player imo.


I think if Xhaka properly beds himself into the team over this season, Ramsey’s place becomes the stuff of side-line observation. We’re naturally stacked with wingers now (not the top, top, top quality we’d hope for, but wingers none the less), and converted strikers/wingers with Perez and Welbeck. Midfield, where guys like Le Coq are already starting over him, then add Elneny (a guy who can match him for his ‘engine’) and Xhaka (RIP Cazorla :santi:).

No more wing play, limited time in the middle, #10 occupied by the GÖAT.

I’ve said it before, but if we were to sell him, I could see Liverpool taking him.


No because he doesn’t have world class technique or passing or dribbling. He had world class stamina, which he no longer has due to injuries/inactivity.

He performed so well that season because he was winning the ball over the pitch and scoring. The goals were as much an element of surprise and overloading the box than great technique though.

Let’s not forget he assisted the oppositions goals once or twice that season either and was part of the City


I think you were missing the sarcasm here, I was more having a pot shot at someone who goes on about Ox’s World class potential dismissing Ramsey.


Ok but if Ox had a brain he could actually be world class. It’s all decision making with him. His dribbling and acceleration is world class.


Does anyone know why he wasn’t on the bench?


Because he’s shit.


I think due to the very slight muscular problem that saw him substituted in Switzerland.