Aaron Ramsey (8)


I would prefer our players, who are being paid staggering amounts of money by our supporters, for not much in return, to want to achieve success with us, not another club.

He obviously thinks he is good enough to play for them, otherwise why would he have said it?

He would be better off keeping his mouth shut and try performing a bit better for us rather than a club that is way out of his league.


Tbh I think this is a nothing criticism. You are obviously entitled to feel the way you do, but personally I think you are clutching on this occasion.

Ramsey has many flaws, but in reality he has shown nothing but commitment to Arsenal, and in reality, what footballer wouldn’t want to play for one of the worlds top teams?


He’s so shit.


How did the 2013/2014 season ever happen ? Has me absolutely baffled.


Expected him to lead the team a bit last night.

He didn’t do a god damn thing.


That one season he had was just a fluke and nothing more.


Think it was actually detrimental to his development. Got it into his head that he could start for Barca/Real and now he barely looks like he should start for Sunderland.


He could always start for your heart though which is really all that counts.


Needs to be sold. Never suited us apart from that fluke season.


How much would you want for him? I’ve got a can of sure body spray and obviously you’ll provide me with a receipt for the transaction so I can return him immediately filed under the reasons of “boring ineffective cunt prefer own personal hygiene”


Surely he has world class potential though ? I mean fuck he even performed at a world class level for one season.


I think he would be a good player under someone like Klopp.
Hes just not suited to our style of play. Hes definitley a premiership top 6 or 7 team player, no matter how frustrating he is here.


He’s been poor before and after the fluke season so not really.


I agree.
He isn’t good enough to start for us, and is on massive wages.

We could easily get 25m for him and put it towards a world class winger or striker.


We can sell him in Italy. They like to buy rejects there.


Basically everyone now agrees with IORP now then?


Hopefully Oxlade Chamberlain has a " fluke’ season soon.


Pretty much. :smile:


You cannot have fluke season , a fluke match yup a season no . It is also to be noted that Ramsey does just fine when playing for Wales so he has value and can be a good player.

The problem is he doesnt fit anywhere for us ? or is this just bad management ?


A bit impossible for that to happen if he’s being benched…