Aaron Ramsey (8)


Yes, that is the point I am making. Why would Griezmann or Reus come here? -I- am the one who has argued since forever that we don’t have the pulling power -you- think we have :smiley: You say we could just right click world class players who play for CL finalists as long as we pay my friend, I don’t think we can. And my argument is that you can’t judge any manager on how they’re not getting Griezmann. That’s extremely unfair, I’m sure every club in the world would want Griezmann.



I agree, there is nothing easy about signing these type of players.
But we should be a more attractive club than Man U, Chelsea or Liverpool, because we have Wenger and are in the CL, and they seem to be able to get top players.

The Daily Star?
The renowned tabloid of truth.
There is no way Messi is coming here, unless we get Barcelona in the knock out round of the CL.


I’m not entirely convinced you have thought this through.


As I say, I’m not saying it’s easy.
But surely we could get enough money from the sale of two average players, like Ramsey and Walcott, and be able to afford a top class player like Reus or Griezman.


Fucks sake. That first sentence about ‘the Star understands that Messi is understood to favour a move to London should he leave Barcelona’. How flimsy is that? That’s the Star out’Star’ing themselves right there. Next!


Boardering g4e level of news source lol


I’m sure we could afford him without selling. I think that if Griezmann called and said he wanted to join us we would scrape together £60m if that’s what Atletico wants for him, if we wanted him. I think we could now, I don’t think we could 4 years ago. I don’t think we could keep doing it every window, but we could do it once or twice in the odd situation something pops up that we feel we just have to pounce on.

I think Suarez is a great example, I think we triggered Suarez’ clause with £40m + a lollipop because those are the rules but we knew that wasn’t going to be the final price, and we were prepared to pay more, it is just that Liverpool said no anyway and no, contrary to popular belief, actually means no in football transfers unless the player makes an effort. They probably made a deal with Suarez he could leave but not to a direct league rival (perhaps Barca had already enquired) or he didn’t want to come here, I don’t know. But we can’t just put £60m on the counter and point at Griezmann and say one of those, please.


Manure will pay an obscene amount for Griezmann that Wenger wouldn’t even think about anyway.


oompa suarez had a release clause that we triggered . if saurez had wanted to join us he could have and would have but he was using us to generate a bid from real or barca Liverpool knew this so they bluffed it out . As a result nothing happened .we got used by his agent . just as we got used by vardys.


Thank fuck we didn’t end up with Vardy though I always thought it was likely he’d be a one season wonder.


Getting back to Ramsey the man didnt have a good game again and made a fool of himself in front of Cavani who is an annoying shit but to fake a face slap is pure fucking cowardice .
He doesnt like playing on the right he refuses to help out the defence and he doesnt get involved enough . In short he shouldnt be playing .He’s not fast enough for central midfield he’s not fast enough for Ozils role so in short I dont see him as a good fit for Arsenal !


Sorry to nit pick but he is absolutely fast enough for central midfield.


Thats an opinion and he’s better off there for sure , maybe its not speed then , maybe he just too lazy for playing there !


I think he lacks a certain instinct and isn’t quite harmonising with the team. Physically he is bang on the money for a central mid I think.


Ramey hasn’t got the technique or intelligence to succeeded in our midfield. It’s actually painful watching him collect the ball from deep and then him looking up taking ages to find a meaningful pass only for him 1. To be closed down by the opposition press, 2. The useful space that was available to him be blocked off, 3. Open players that were in promising positions marked.

A guy like Santi is already thinking 2-3 moves in advance before he’s even received the ball. He negates disadvantages such as his smaller physical stature and lack of athleticism through well timed bursts of acceleration when he’s in danger of being dispossessed and obviously he knows how to distribute the ball in an effective way.


I agree.
I think the main reason he looked so good for Wales is because, both he and Bale are in a different class to the rest of the players, although Ramsey is in a class below Bale.
Wales played as a team, and that’s why they were relatively successful and Ramsey was their best midfielder and he stood out from the others.

When he plays for us, like you say, he hasn’t got the same awareness and skill as Cazorla, even though he thinks he has.


Saying he thinks he has the same skill as Cazorla is a bit random. Why make up things?

No one has any idea what he thinks.


The fact that he thinks he is good enough to play for Barcelona would indicate he thinks he is better than he actually is.


We have differing ideas about what a fact is. Where has he outright stated he is good enough to get into Barcelona’s midfield?

As I recall he merely expressed a healthy interest at playing for a big la liga club. Nothing at all wrong with aspiring to achieve greatness.