2017 Grand National


4 horses died at this years Cheltenham.
And there hasn’t been a horse death in the national since 2012…And so far(touch wood) no fatalities at Aintree this year…Lets hope that continues…


Let’s hope so. Only thing I dislike about horse racing in general, never nice seeing a fall.


Not impressed with the main anchorman on itv…plank…needs to calm down


Fiver on BlackLion and Perfect Candidate.

The odd pound spread across another few horses.

Literally is a complete lottery.


I’ve put some monwy on Viuex Lion Rouge. No specific reason other than liking the name :sweat_smile:


Double Shuffle and Highland Lodge. No reasons at all aside from liking the names and/or colours :grin:


Def red
More of that


Are there any penalties for false starts?


This is so weird watching horses run ahead of the rest that don’t have a jockey anymore.




Ffs Blacklion


2 of first 4… Cause for causes and Blaklion so getting something back
Lost £3


No fatalities :+1:


All 40 horses made it back in one piece and I had One for Arthur in my work sweepstake so not a totally rubbish day :blush:


2 of my 3 fell :joy: definitely red and cocktails at dawn the other didn’t come top 5 par something.


I guess this is why you don’t usually bet on horse racing then Calum? :joy:


I have a good record on the grand national actually!

From 2011-2015 my picks always came in the top 2. Including a win in 2011. Ballabrigs. Never forget your first win :+1:

So fuck you :wink: