2017/2018 Other Teams Kit Thread


We need white kits. Would be nice it they do that for us too.



That Germany away kit in particular is lush :heart_eyes:


Adidas have the best kits at this years word cup. Love the Argentina home and away shirts too


Mats Hummels is a pretty sexy man, isn’t he?


That Japan one is my fav


Yes. I definitely would :grin:


Adidas is the shit. Love our second shirt too:

Hope Arsenal sign with Adidias next.


If you like slithering reptiles. :snake: :sanchez2:



Our new away top is very :colombia: haha


Personally, I think Scotland should bring this back


adidas dont give a fuck about us, eh?

Tbh they are right not to.

But see folks, this is why Arsenal needs adidas!!!


That Germany kit only looks good on Hummels. He’s dreamy


That Germany top is gonna be timeless.