2016 Summer Olympics - Rio


Time to fuck Brasil up today :ozil2:


So the games are almost at an end. The last day always feels a bit weird with not so many events on. Watched the Men;s Mountain bike race, lot of nasty falls and many punctures.

Think that’s about it for my Olympic viewing, other than the closing ceremony. The games in Brazil probably won’t be remembered in good light for many reasons, but at least on the sporting side, there were so many enjoyable events and moments. So while it hasn’t been anything like London, I still enjoyed the games a lot over the past 2 weeks.


Lost men’s volley final 3-0 to Brasil :santi:. We gave them a go in every set, but always lacked something.


Yeah, you couldn’t influence the ref by rolling on the floor, like in football. :stuck_out_tongue:
Jokes aside that was an unfortunate loss, the game was much closer than the 3-0 might suggest. Sorry, pal.


Brazilian cheated this time in the third set. If they hadn’t awarded them a point there we would have probably won it and it would have been just 2-1 for Brazil overall.


USA are taking the piss out off Serbia in the Basketball final. 52-29 in the 1st half.


Boring USA.


I’m an NBA fan, I enjoy watching them playing together. Never find it boring, it’s a fucking show :smile::clap:t2:


Everyone should have the chance to win gold medal. With USA, it’s not possible :stuck_out_tongue:


It’s not their fault, is it? :laughing:. Argantina won it in 2004, Spain almost did it in 2012, well not almost, but it was a competitive final. It’s not impossible.


Basketball is a great sport, but I don’t really like the way it’s played outside San Antonio. Single players can do too much damage as opposed to great team play, which I always prefer.


Basketball is just not even a challenge for us…if someone beats us it’s because we let or wanted them to.


I think that’s also a consequence of the few players on the floor. Individuals can have a much bigger impact.


Team GB done an excellent job. Its been a shit year for England (football) and UK with the Brexit ongoing saga, but at least there’s these lot who have left it all out there.


I was sad when London 2012 was over. Not quite the same this time but I do love the olympics. My favourite sporting event. Its been a great distraction to arsenal as well. The massive positivity and feel good factor of watching real people you can associate with, putting everything on the line representing their country and collectively smashing it out the park. Compare that the doom and gloom depression of following arsenal. Havent watched our first two games might try and make that more a habbit.


Watching genuine people representing you makes me wonder why I bother with football at times.
Love the thought of kids being inspired by what theyve seen by a Jason Kenny, Mo Farah, or a wealth of others here.
Premiership football become a monster in this country in the last decade and is dominated in our press.
The last fortnight with the games on national tv other sports have hopefully inspired others to realise theres far more worthy sportsman in this country.


Denmark done good good, 5th in the medals table per capita :grin::grin::grin: very proud


Another Summer Olympics and more American dominance. Simple message goes out to those other countries for the next go round:

Get Better.


Yeah I love all this.

Not too fussed about nationality etc. because at the end of the day it’s effectively financial doping that lets countries like GB do well, but it’s great to see the greats of their sports try their best and we’ve got some of them here. When you can see runners for example clearly competing past the pain barrier, you really get the feeling of how much work goes into everything and how much it all means. And the devastating of some of the losers too really adds to it, more than just seeing John Terry in tears once in a while.

I don’t think I’ve enjoyed an Olympics as much as this, it’s just a shame the stadiums were all half empty.


I’m thankful it’s all over :slight_smile: