2016 Summer Olympics - Rio


Guess who does the same :santi2:


[quote=“Luca_from_Italy, post:382, topic:449”]
Guess who does the same :santi2:
[/quote]Greenland :wenger:

Game has ended in a draw and now shootout commences! Both teams have given it everything.


They should absolutely change penalty shootouts in football to be like they are in hockey.

Imagine how badly Theo would shit the bed in such a format :joy:


What a shootout! Brilliant effort from the girls, another Gold for GB :smiley:

Hockey shootouts are really intriguing. Nice they don’t waste time having Extra time either.

Holland played a superb game. Either team were worthy winners.


How did we win that! Fantastic goalkeeping from our goalkeeper!


If anyone was going to produce great goalkeeping it was the goalkeeper. :stuck_out_tongue:


Cracker of a hockey final, that @Mysty . Hearbreaking defeat for us :disappointed_relieved: having led the game three times. GB keeper decided the game, from start to finish.


Commiserations my Dutch chum. Both teams played great and it was tough there had to be a loser out of it. Our keeper had a Worldy of a game tonight. She kept us in it throughout.

Maybe we should make her the new England Football keeper. Can’t be any worse than the uselessness of Joe Hart.


Germany just won the Women’s soccer/football final against Sweden.

2 - 1


Oh fuck! Ze germans so over the moon at the moment :poldi:


Bolt wins his final Gold medal in the 4x100 relays. Achieving the triple-triple. The way he just destroys the field on the home straight is insane.

What a career.


Anyone see the taekwondo final? 6-5 up with the clock stopped on 1 second. Just needs to run away and its gold and he gets kicked in the head with no time left. There will be a lot of heartbreaks in the olympics but this has to be up there with the worst. Proper kick in the nuts that.

EDIT: O WOW yep his interview :frowning:


@Gunnerpr Yeah man, watched it before the relay final. That was crazy. One second to go, 9/10s your opponent would never be able to get an attempt in, let alone 3 points. He just needed to run away.

Damn the poor guy is absolutely heartbroken :frowning:

Just goes to show you, every second matters in sport.


hahahah :joy:

Celebrated, took photos and had a lap of honour, then the USA team realised they had been disqualified.


Said Michael Owen.


Happens every tournament, so they should have known by now that they’re going to be disqualified.


So it’s Italy vs. Brasil in men’s volley final. Would love to beat them at home. It would be such a great upset :santi2:


I’m actually cheering for Italy here as I find Brazilian dancing fans insufferable.


Tom Daley is a lovely guy i’m sure, but he is a bit of a fraud isn’t he?


What a goal 1-0 Brazil vs Germany, Neymar crossbar & in.