2016 Summer Olympics - Rio


Really good article here


Nice article that. I thought we’d suffer a bit of a come down post 2012 but fair play we’re doing superb. Hopefully a few more medals in the cycling and track and field to come!


@CunningLinguist is not gonna be happy, but we won another medal. It’s a silver in women’s 10 km open water. :ozil2:. Now we are sixth in medal standings.


Women’s 10km open water, eh? Can’t believe I missed that. :sob:


Can you update me on who’s first in the medal table?


We are coming to get you :ozil2:


Your better off finding a Chinese forum and goading them. We still celebrate taking part.


Not sure where to put it so I’ll put it here.



And with the win in men’s omnium 2016, we are above Germany in medal standings :poldi:


Team GB have a boxer in the Olympics called Muhammed Ali.


Jesus it’s absolutely soaking in Rio tonight. The track and field events are going to get badly effected by this. Might end up as outdoor Swimming events at this rate.


I think Mark Cavendish is an incredible cyclist and i celebrated each of his TDF stage victories this year but that was a dick move on his behalf last night, he really would have had no complaints if they’d disqualified him.



Disgusting move. He should be stripped of his medal


Wow, what a cunt


He’s a world class sprint cyclist but I don’t like the guy. Always seems so bitter about everything pff. No where near the levels of respect for Hoy, Wiggins etc


Yup. I was rooting for him but that , then his interview after leaves a very sour taste.


Great day for The Netherlands, made two semi’s and won another gold.


Cavendish threatened to sue a Dutch reporter for asking him about the crash. The guy is an absolute dickhead. Hope someone drives him off the track.


Looking like racking up more medals on the final day of the Velodrome action. The girls are on a roll, literally!

GB just lost in the men’s semi final doubles Badminton but have a chance of a bronze on Thursday.

Can’t wait for the BMX races to get underway tomorrow, always chaos :smiley:


Missed it, as i just saw Viviani falling down. What a fucking cunt! Thanks god our boy won a deserved gold medal in the end.
Meanwhile, our women’s water polo team have reached the semi-finals :D. And tonight our boys face a tough Greece team.